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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02Antimony-doped SnO₂ microspheres with Controlled Pore size : High Energy density and Cycle stability for Li-ion BatteryKim, Eun Hye
2019-02Atomic Layer Deposited MoS2 Counter Electrodes for the Bifacial Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells정태희
2018-02Bio-based plasticizer with excellent migration resistance applicable to PVC and PLLA films편혜빈
2018-02Bio-based polyesters from camphor diacetal: Design, Synthesis, Properties and Applications박정언
2019-02Bioelectrochemical system에서 CO2의 환원을 통한 products 생산송효정
2017-08CHA 및 AEI 구조의 제올라이트에서 메틸클로라이드로부터 올레핀 전환 반응신용훈
2018-02Conceptual Process Design and Optimization of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Recovery Plant for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)곽동훈
2018-02Design of simulated moving bed for separation of fumaric acid with a fronting phenomenon강문석
2018-08Development of the carbon-metal hybrid catalyst for high performance electrode in proton exchange membrane fuel cellKim, Tae-Hyun
2018-02Dimethyl ether 합성을 위한 HTiNbO5 나노시트 촉매의 제조지미정
2018-02Estimation of State-of-Charge for Zinc-Bromine Flow Batteries by In Situ Raman Spectroscopy이현주
2019-02Fabrication of layered electrode using stamping method and its electrochemical performance as anode electrode for lithium ion batteryJun-Ki Hwang
2017-08High performance PEMFC MEA with a low Pt loading prepared by electrostatic spray depositionChoi, Byung Hee
2019-02Hydrogenotrophic methanation을 위한 연속 가스 발효 공정김민정
2019-02Improvement of Low Temperature Cycling Performance of Li-ion cells by Employing Ester Solvent.Seung Hark Park
2018-02Integrated Process Design and Optimization for Amine-based Post-combustion CO2 Capture ProcessesOh, Se-Young
2018-08Long chain fatty acids의 효과적 분해를 통한 바이오가스권홍
2019-02Low Temperature UV Sintering of Tantalum Doped TiO2 Electron Transporting Layers for High-Performance Flexible Perovskite Solar CellsYongseok Yoo
2018-02Megasphaera hexanoica 유래 Acyl-CoA Transferase를 이용한 유기산 고부가화 균주 개발신승진
2019-02Megasphaera hexanoica의 Leucine 대사 경로를 통한 Isovaleric Acid의 생산 최적화 연구주고운