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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03Atomic collisional orientation for the electron-impact excitations: Quantum shielding effect정영대
2019-01Atomic propensity rules in quantum plasmas정영대
2013-03Atomic transport collisions with Lorentzian electron distribution: nonthermal shielding정영대
2018-10Atomistic Dynamics Investigation of the Thermomechanical Properties and Li Diffusion Kinetics in psi-Graphene for LIB Anode Material이상욱
2019-01Atomistic insights into the anisotropic mechanical properties and role of ripples on the thermal expansion of h-BCN monolayers이상욱
2012-01Attractive Polarization Effects on Binary Atomic Si-Si Collisions정영대
2011-02Au Nanowire-on-Film SERRS Sensor for Ultrasensitive Hg2+ Detection주재범
2015-02Au(III) catalyst supported on a thermoresponsive hydrogel and its application to the A-3 coupling reaction in water이학준
2017-03Automated nucleic acids purification from fecal samples on a microfluidic cartridge황승용
2018-02Azide-alkyne cycloaddition reactions in water via recyclable heterogeneous Cu catalysts: reverse phase silica gel and thermoresponsive hydrogels이학준
2019-05B3S monolayer: prediction of a high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries이상욱
2015-11Bacillus licheniformis Isolated from Traditional Korean Food Resources Enhances the Longevity of Caenorhabditis elegans through Serotonin Signaling이영복
2012-08Backward mode of the ion-cyclotron wave in a semi-bounded magnetized Lorentzian plasma정영대
2017-06Backward propagating branch of surface waves in a semi-bounded streaming plasma system정영대
2015-01Baseline correction using asymmetrically reweighted penalized least squares smoothing주재범
2014-06Beam excited acoustic instability in semiconductor quantum plasmas정영대
2015-11Behavior of maltose-neopentyl glycol-3 (MNG-3) at the air/aqueous interface채필석
2015-11Behavior of maltose-neopentyl glycol-3 (MNG-3) at the air/aqueous interface이상욱
2016-09Bifurcation of space-charge wave in a plasma waveguide including the wake potential effect정영대
2015-01Bio-inspired development of a dual-mode nanoparobe for MRI and Raman imaging주재범