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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09Antibacterial activity and cytotoxicity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes decorated with silver nanoparticles최종훈
2015-06Biomimetics: Forecasting the future of science, engineering and medicine최종훈
2015-09Chlorhexidine-loaded xanthan gum-based biopolymers for targeted, sustained release of antiseptic agent최종훈
2016-02Effective delivery of immunosuppressive drug molecules by silica coated iron oxide nanoparticles최종훈
2014-01Electrochemical Synthesis of Red Fluorescent Silicon Nanoparticles최종훈
2014-10Engineered collagen hydrogels for the sustained release of biomolecules and imaging agents: promoting the growth of human gingival cells최종훈
2015-09Engineered nanoconstructs for the multiplexed and sensitive detection of high-risk pathogens최종훈
2015-11Enhanced Detection of Single Cell-secreted Proteins using Fluorescent Immunochemistry on Protein G Terminated Glass Surface최종훈
2015-01An Environmentally-Conscious Approach to the Synthesis and Separation of Ultrasmall Si Nanoparticles최종훈
2015-10Fast and sensitive detection of an anthrax biomarker using SERS-based solenoid microfluidic sensor최종훈
2015-05Fast and sensitive detection of an anthrax biomarker using SERS-based solenoid microfluidic sensor.최종훈
2014-05A glimpse into the interactions of cells in a microenvironment: the modulation of T cells by mesenchymal stem cells최종훈
2013-07Harnessing immunomagnetic separation and quantum dot-based quantification capacities for the enumeration of absolute levels of biomarker최종훈
2015-09Micro 3D cell culture systems for cellular behavior studies: Culture matrices, devices, substrates, and in-situ sensing methods.최종훈
2016-01A Microfluidic Approach to Investigating a Synergistic Effect of Tobramycin and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms최종훈
2013-05Microtools for single-cell analysis in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing최종훈
2015-05A novel nanoprobe for the sensitive detection of Francisella tularensis최종훈
2014-01Overview of current standpoints in profiling of circulating tumor cells최종훈
2016-02Perspectives on the Nanotechnology Applications of for the Analytical Detection of Heavy Metals in Marine Organisms최종훈
2015-05Simple Preparation of Fluorescent Silicon Nanoparticles from Used Si Wafers최종훈
2015-01Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering-Based Competitive Immunoassay of Poly-γ-D-Glutamic Acid for Highly Sensitive Detection of Anthrax최종훈