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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-123D Droplet Microfluidic Systems for High-Throughput Biological Experimentation주재범
2017-12Analysis of ribonuclease activity in sub-nanoliter droplets by label-free fluorescence measurements주재범
2016-06Application of a SERS-based lateral flow immunoassay strip for the rapid and sensitive detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin B주재범
2011-04Application of Silver-Coated Magnetic Microspheres to a SERS-Based Optofluidic Sensor주재범
2011-02Au Nanowire-on-Film SERRS Sensor for Ultrasensitive Hg2+ Detection주재범
2015-01Baseline correction using asymmetrically reweighted penalized least squares smoothing주재범
2015-01Bio-inspired development of a dual-mode nanoparobe for MRI and Raman imaging주재범
2015-11Clinical validation of surface-enhanced Raman scattering-based immunoassays in the early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis주재범
2014-11Colloidal gold nanoparticle conjugates of gefitinib주재범
2015-06Continuous and low error-rate passive synchronization of pre-formed droplets주재범
2018-03Culture-Free Detection of Bacterial Pathogens on Plasmonic Nanopillar Arrays Using Rapid Raman Mapping주재범
2018-08Cut-and-Paste Transferrable Pressure Sensing Cartridge Films주재범
2014-01Detection of the mycotoxin citrinin using silver substrates and Raman spectroscopy주재범
2016-02A droplet-based microfluidic immunosensor for high efficiency melamine analysis주재범
2016-12Early Diagnosis of Influenza Virus A Using Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering-based Lateral Flow Assay주재범
2012-06Effects of operating parameters on the efficiency of liposomal encapsulation of enzymes주재범
2016-09Electrochemical Fabrication of Nanostructures on Porous Silicon for Biochemical Sensing Platforms주재범
2011-03Enzyme kinetic measurements using a droplet-based microfluidic system with a concentration gradient주재범
2015-01Epitaxy-driven vertical growth of single-crystalline cobalt nanowire arrays by chemical vapor deposition주재범
2018-12Experimental investigation of surface morphology of a chemical vapor deposition-grown graphene monolayer mediating with a gap-plasmonic system and the related ripple shape study주재범
2012-05Fabrication of a hydrophobic/hydrophilic hybrid-patterned microarray chip and its application to a cancer marker immunoassay주재범
2012-01Fabrication of SERS-fluorescence dual modal nanoprobes and application to multiplex cancer cell imaging주재범
2015-06Fast and sensitive detection of an anthrax biomarker using SERS-based solenoid microfluidic sensor주재범
2013-03Fast and sensitive recognition of various explosive compounds using Raman spectroscopy and principal component analysis주재범
2014-03FITC functionalized magnetic core-shell Fe3O4/Ag hybrid nanoparticle for selective determination of molecular biothiols주재범
2014-06A flow cytometry-based submicron-sized bacterial detection system using a movable virtual wall주재범
2017-04Fluorescent chemical probes for accurate tumor diagnosis and targeting therapy주재범
2018-08Fluoropolymer-Coated PDMS Microfluidic Devices for Application in Organic Synthesis주재범
2017-03From single-molecule detection to next-generation sequencing: microfluidic droplets for high-throughput nucleic acid analysis주재범
2015-05Graphene oxide-encoded Ag nanoshells with single-particle detection sensitivity towards cancer cell imaging based on SERRS주재범