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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-122-Dimensional colloidal micropatterning of cholesteric liquid crystal microcapsules for temperature-responsive color displays김진웅
2018-04Adjustable Intermolecular Interactions Allowing 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides with Prolonged Scavenging Activity for Reactive Oxygen Species김진웅
2016-06Affinity Partitioning-Induced Self-Assembly in Aqueous Two-Phase Systems: Templating for Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules김진웅
2012-06Alstonia scholaris R. Br. Significantly Inhibits Retinoid-Induced Skin Irritation In Vitro and In Vivo김진웅
2012-03Amentoflavone Inhibits UVB-Induced Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 Expression Through the Modulation of AP-1 Components in Normal Human Fibroblasts김진웅
2017-05AP736 induces miR-125b expression for the efficient whitening and anti-ageing action in human epidermal cells김진웅
2013-09Assembly of Colloidal Silica Crystals Inside Double Emulsion Drops김진웅
2018-06Associative Polymer-grafted Magnetic Nanoparticles for Stabilization and Recovery of Pickering Emulsions김진웅
2012-08Asymmetric functionalization of colloidal dimer particles with gold nanoparticles김진웅
2017-11Bioinspired Synthesis of Mesoporous Gold-silica Hybrid Microspheres as Recyclable Colloidal SERS Substrates김진웅
2012-05Biosorption behaviors of natural polymer microfibers synthesized by using cellulase-based enzyme reactions김진웅
2018-07Cell-Penetrating Peptide-Patchy Deformable Polymeric Nanovehicles with Enhanced Cellular Uptake and Transdermal Delivery김진웅
2014-08Colloidal Interactions of Inorganic Nanoparticles Grafted with Zwitterionic Polymer Brushes and Gels by Surface-Mediated Seeded Polymerization김진웅
2015-11Combination of nanoparticles with photothermal effects and phase-change material enhances the non-invasive transdermal delivery of drugs김진웅
2014-03Comparison of extraction phases for a two-phase culture of a recombinant E-coli producing retinoids김진웅
2016-10Conductive magnetic-patchy colloidal microparticles for a high performance pressure sensor김진웅
2015-06The CONTIN algorithm and its application to determine the size distribution of microgel suspensions김진웅
2016-04Core Flooding of Complex Nanoscale Colloidal Dispersions for Enhanced Oil Recovery by in Situ Formation of Stable Oil-in-Water Pickering Emulsions김진웅
2018-09Cut-and-Paste Transferrable Pressure Sensing Cartridge Films김진웅
2018-08Depigmentation efficacy of galacturonic acid through tyrosinase regulation in B16 murine melanoma cells and a three-dimensional human skin equivalent김진웅
2011-03Dewetting-Induced Membrane Formation by Adhesion of Amphiphile-laden Interfaces김진웅
2013-04Diffusion Behaviors of Fluorescence Probe Molecules Through the Stratum Corneum Layer Under Physical Stress김진웅
2015-07Direct Observation of Wet Biological Samples by Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy김진웅
2011-09Double-emulsion drops with ultra-thin shells for capsule templates김진웅
2018-08E-Skin Tactile Sensor Matrix Pixelated by Position-Registered Conductive Microparticles Creating Pressure-Sensitive Selectors김진웅
2012-01Effect of composition on water permeability of model stratum corneum lipid membranes김진웅
2012-07Effect of Size, Surface Charge, and Hydrophobicity of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers on Their Skin Penetration김진웅
2012-04The effects of particle conductivity on the electrorheological properties of functionalized MCNT-coated doublet-shaped anisotropic microspheres김진웅
2012-04Enhanced transdermal delivery by using electrostatically interactive chitosan nanocapsules김진웅
2013-03Enhanced-throughput production of polymersomes using a parallelized capillary microfluidic device김진웅