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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08Accessible Steroid-based Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Solubilization and Stabilization채필석; Chae, Pil Seok
2015-08One-pot microfluidic fabrication of graphene oxide-patched hollow hydrogel microcapsules with remarkable shell impermeability채필석; Byun, Aram; Shim, Jongwon; Han, Sang Woo; Kim, Bohyun; Chae, Pil Seok; Shin, Hyeong Seok; Kim, Jin Woong
2015-05Maltose neopentyl glycol-3 (MNG-3) analogues for membrane protein study채필석; Cho, Kyung Ho; Husri, Mohd; Amin, Anowarul; Gotfryd, Kamil; Lee, Ho Jin; Go, Juyeon; Kim, Jin Woong; Loland, Claus J.; Guan, Lan; Byrne, Bernadette; Chae, Pil Seok
2015-06Fabrication and stabilization of nanoscale emulsions by formation of a thin polymer membrane at the oil-water interface채필석; Shin, Kyounghee; Kim, Jeong Won; Park, Hanhee; Choi, Hong Sung; Chae, Pil Seok; Nam, Yoon Sung; Kim, Jin Woong
2015-07Accessible glyco-tripod amphiphiles for membrane protein analysis채필석; Das, Manabendra; Bae, Hyoung Eun; Lee, Ho Jin; Go, Juyeon; Chae, Pil Seok
2015-07Deoxycholate-Based Glycosides (DCGs) for Membrane Protein Stabilisation채필석; Bae, Hyoung Eun; Gotfryd, Kamil; Thomas, Jennifer; Hussain, Hazrat; Ehsan, Muhammad; Go, Juyeon; Loland, Claus J.; Byrne, Bernadette; Chae, Pil Seok
2015-07Novel Xylene-Linked Maltoside Amphiphiles (XMAs) for Membrane Protein Stabilisation채필석; Cho, Kyung Ho; Du, Yang; Scull, Nicola J.; Hariharan, Parameswaran; Gotfryd, Kamil; Loland, Claus J.; Guan, Lan; Byrne, Bernadette; Kobilka, Brian K.; Chae, Pil Seok
2015-10Effect of Detergents on Galactoside Binding by Melibiose Permeases채필석; Amin, Anowarul; Hariharan, Parameswaran; Chae, Pil Seok; Guan, Lan
2015-11Behavior of maltose-neopentyl glycol-3 (MNG-3) at the air/aqueous interface채필석; Yoo, Bowon; Lee, Jisun; Choi, Soyoung; Ryu, Jungju; Lee, Hoik; Chae, Pil Seok; Lee, Sang Uck; Maeda, Mizuo; Sohn, Daewon