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2015-02Nanoporous hexagonal TiO2 superstructure as a multifunctional material for energy conversion and storage방진호; 방진호; Bang, Jin Ho; Lee, Eun Joo; Nam, Inho; Yi, Jongheop
2015-03Porous nickel oxide nanotube arrays supported on carbon fiber paper: synergistic effect on pseudocapacitive behavior방진호; Han, Bin; Lee, Eun Joo; Kim, Ji Yeon; Bang, Jin Ho
2015-04Enhanced performance of PbS-sensitized solar cells via controlled successive ionic-layer adsorption and reaction방진호; Abbas, Muhammad A.; Basit, Muhammad A.; Park, Tae Joo; Bang, Jin Ho
2015-08Poly(ethylene oxide)/graphene oxide nanocomposites: structure, properties and shape memory behavior방진호; Chang, Young-Wook; Lee, Kang-Suk; Lee, Yong-Woo; Bang, Jin Ho
2015-08Three-dimensionally ordered mesoporous carbons activated by hot ammonia treatment as high-performance anode materials in lithium-ion batteries방진호; Han, Bin; Lee, Eun Joo; Choi, Won Ho; Yoo, Won Cheol; Bang, Jin Ho
2015-09Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanocoil Array Integrated on Carbon Nanofiber Paper for Supercapacitor Electrodes방진호; Choi, Won Ho; Choi, Mi Jin; Bang, Jin Ho
2015-12Efficacy of In2S3 interfacial recombination barrier layer in PbS quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells방진호; Basit, Muhammad Abdul; Abbas, Muhammad Awais; Bang, Jin Ho; Park, Tae Joo
2015-11Rising Again: Opportunities and Challenges for Platinum-Free Electrocatalysts방진호; Abbas, Muhammad A.; Bang, Jin Ho