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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Novel one-step route to induce long-term lotus leaf-like hydrophobicity in polyester fabric박진구; Hafeez, Hassan; Cho, Si-Hyeong; (Han, Dong-Ho; Seo, Young-Gill; Choa, Yong-Ho; Park, Jin-Goo
2015-01Effect of FOUP atmosphere control on process wafer integrity in sub20nm device fabrication박진구; Kim, Bong Ho; Park, Jin Goo
2015-01Characterization of Cu-BTA Organic Complexes on Cu during Cu CMP and Post Cu Cleaning박진구; Cho, Byoung-Jun; Park, Jin-Goo; Shima, Shohei; Hamada, Satomi
2015-02Investigation of oxide layer removal mechanism using reactive gases박진구; Kim, Hyun-Tae; Lim, Jung-Soo; Kim, Min-Su; Oh, Hoon-Jung; Ko, Dae-Hong; Kim, Gyoo-Dong; Shin, Woo-Gon; Park, Jin-Goo
2015-03Multi-Stack Extreme-Ultraviolet Pellicle with Out-of-Band Reduction박진구; Lee, Sung-Gyu; Kim, Guk-Jin; Kim, In-Seon; Ahn, Jin-Ho; Park, Jin-Goo; Oh, Hye-Keun
2015-03Impact of the non-uniform intensity distribution caused by a meshed pellicle of extreme ultraviolet lithography박진구; Ko, Ki-Ho; Park, Jin-Goo; Ahn, Jin-Ho; Yeung, Michael; Barouch, Eytan; Oh, Hye-Keun
2015-04Mechanical deflection of a free-standing pellicle for extreme ultraviolet lithography박진구; Park, Eun-Sang; Shamsi, Zahid Hussain; Kim, Ji-Won; Kim, Dai-Gyoung; Park, Jin-Goo; Ahn, Jin-Ho; Oh, Hye-Keun
2015-02Effect of lanthanum doping in ceria abrasives on chemical mechanical polishing selectivity for shallow trench isolation박진구; 박진구; Park, Jin-Goo; Praveen, B. V. S.; Cho, Byoung-Jun; Ramanathan, S.
2015-02Large-Scale Plasma Patterning of Transparent Graphene Electrode on Flexible Substrates박진구; 박진구; Park, Jin-Goo; Kim, Ji Hye; Ko, Euna; Hwang, Joonki; Pham, Xuan-Hung; Lee, Joo Heon; Lee, Sung Hwan; Tran, Van-Khue; Kim, Jong-Ho; Choo, Jaebum; Han, Kwi Nam; Seong, Gi Hun
2015-06Comparison between sapphire lapping processes using 2-body and 3-body modes as a function of diamond abrasive size박진구; Kim, Hyuk-Min; Park, Gun-Ho; Seo, Young-Gil; Moon, Deog-Ju; Cho, Byoung-Jun; Park, Jin-Goo