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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-03Acquisition of L2 Through Internet Chat이다미
2004-02제2언어 습득: 내재적 언어능력 때문인가, 상호작용 때문인가?이다미
2019-12The Nature of Indeterminate Expressions in Chinese and Korean: Focused on Wh-phrases in Conditionals정대호
2019-12On the Locus of Negative Polarity Licensing in Korean: At Spec Domain or at Spec of NegP?정대호
2019-05Low-Cost 8mm/Super 8 Film Digitization Using a Canon 9000F II Flatbed Scanner and Photoshop: A Case StudyEckert, Kenneth David
2019-08사전 원고가 동시통역의 시간적 양상에 미치는 영향이태형
2019-05Some Notes on Ahn and Cho‘s (2017a, b, c) Approach to Fragment Answers in Korean정대호
2019-03From Whizzoh to Bollocks: The Exclamatory Language of Moral Collapse in Lord of the FliesEckert, Kenneth David
2019-03“How Strange Life is!”: The Performative Narrator and Chaucerian Similarities in Steven Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little TownEckert, Kenneth David
2019-02한국어 초성 비음의 인식 자질강현숙
2005-12Teaching English High-Frequency Verbs in Textbooks김명희
2005-12Post-lexical Tensing Rule in Korean강현숙
2005-12Processing English [s] into Korean alveolar fricatives in word-initial position강현숙
2005-12Tense/lax distinctions of English [s] in intervocalic position by Korean speakers: consonant/vowel ratio as a possible universal cue for consonant distinctions강현숙
2005-12통역사의 정보처리 전략과 동시통역의 정확도이태형
2005-08국어 의문사의 담화표지화김명희
2005-08부정적 피드백이 한국어 학습자의 주격과 목적격 조사 습득에 미치는 영향이다미
2005-04What does bare -ko coordination say about post-verbal morphology in Korean?정대호
2005-03Why is HOW in Korean Insensitive to Islands? - A Revised Nominal Analysis정대호
2006-12L2 Retention and Attrition of Korean Numeral Classifiers이다미