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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01In-situ study the catalytic oxidation of CO on a Pt(110) surface using ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy문봉진
2009-02Entropy Analysis in Yeast DNA이건상
2016-01Synthesis and biological evaluation of picolinamides and thiazole-2-carboxamides as mGluR5 (metabotropic glutamate receptor 5) antagonists민선준
2016-01ENSO-Related Precipitation and Its Statistical Relationship with the Walker Circulation Trend in CMIP5 AMIP Models예상욱
2016-01MiR-126 Regulates Growth Factor Activities and Vulnerability to Toxic Insult in Neurons서혜명
2016-01Profiling ethanol-targeted transcription factors in human carcinoma cell-derived embryoid bodies이영식
2016-01Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Tanzawaic Acid Derivatives from a Marine-Derived Fungus Penicillium steckii 108YD142원호식
2016-01Structure of Optimal State Discrimination in Generalized Probabilistic Theories배준우
2016-01Structure of Optimal State Discrimination in Generalized Probabilistic Theories김대경
2016-01Species-specific accumulation of methyl and total mercury in sharks from offshore and coastal waters of Korea문효방
2016-01Impact of a deformed extreme ultraviolet pellicle in terms of the critical dimension uniformity오혜근
2016-01Environmental change in Yellow Sea during the last deglaciation to the early Holocene (15,000-8,000 BP)신경훈
2016-01Biodegradability of algal-derived organic matter in a large artificial lake by using stable isotope tracers신경훈
2016-01Fatty acid biomarkers to verify cyanobacteria feeding abilities of herbivorous consumers신경훈