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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-05실무한을 기반으로 한 사고 체계임종록
2004-05실무한을 기반으로 한 사고 체계한정순
2004-06Temporal decay bounds in generalized heat conduction송종철
2004-04Analysis of Langmuir Probe Data Using Wavelet Transform김대경
2017-12A Novel Forecasting Method Based on F-Transform and Fuzzy Time Series정혜영
2017-03Analysis of variance for fuzzy data based on permutation method정혜영
2018-07Fuzzy heaping mechanism for heaped count data with imprecision정혜영
2018-11의학 진단 및 생물 정보학 분야에서 퍼지 접근법의 적용에 관한 연구정혜영
2018-04Fuzzy set-based generalized multifactor dimensionality reduction analysis of gene-gene interactions정혜영
2019-10Ridge fuzzy regression model정혜영
2019-10Fuzzy regression model using fuzzy partition정혜영
2019-07Multivariate Cluster-Based Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction to Identify Genetic Interactions for Multiple Quantitative Phenotypes정혜영
2019-08국회 법안 검토 기간의 생존함수 추정: 제 17, 18, 19대 국회의 사례를 바탕으로정혜영
2019-08Statistical inference for time series with non-precise data.정혜영
2019-01거래소 간 자산 교환비율 차이를 이용한 차익거래기회 분석정혜영
2017-07Derivation and validation of a risk scoring model to predict advanced colorectal neoplasm in adults of all ages최성경
2017-03Distilling entanglement with noisy operations배준우
2018-11Development and validation of a scoring system for advanced colorectal neoplasm in young Korean subjects less than age 50 years최성경
2018-10HisCoM-GGI: Hierarchical structural component analysis of gene-gene interactions최성경