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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Derivation and validation of a risk scoring model to predict advanced colorectal neoplasm in adults of all ages최성경
2017-03Distilling entanglement with noisy operations배준우
2018-11Development and validation of a scoring system for advanced colorectal neoplasm in young Korean subjects less than age 50 years최성경
2018-10HisCoM-GGI: Hierarchical structural component analysis of gene-gene interactions최성경
2018-12Inferring relevant features: From QFT to PCABeny, Cedric
2018-12HisCoM-GGI: Software for Hierarchical structural component analysis of gene-gene interactions최성경
2018-08Drug response prediction model using a hierarchical structural component modeling method최성경
2018-09Nonsynonymous Variants in PAX4 and GLP1R are Associated with Type 2 Diabetes in an East Asian Population최성경
2018-04WISARD: Workbench for Integrated Superfast Association studies for Related Dataset최성경
2018-05Pathway-based approach using hierarchical components of rare variants to analyze multiple phenotypes최성경
2018-05Hierarchical Structural Component Analysis of microRNA-mRNA Integration Analysis최성경
2018-01Evaluating the contribution of rare variants to type 2 diabetes and related traits using pedigrees최성경
2019-04Influence of road lane reductions on motorised and non-motorised traffic safety김성욱
2019-12A comparative study on nonparametric estimation procedures for survival quantiles김성욱
2019-06Assessing the optimal cutpoint for tumor size in patients with lung cancer based on linear rank statistics in a competing risks framework김성욱
2019-05Structure of minimum error discrimination for linearly independent states김은상
2019-03Additive-multiplicative hazards regression models for interval-censored semi-competing risks data with missing intermediate events김성욱
2019-01Longitudinal analysis to better characterize Asthma-COPD overlap syndrome: Findings from an adult asthma cohort in Korea (COREA)최성경
2005-12Bayesian inference for the power law process with the power prior김성욱
2005-12위상군에 대하여한정순