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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-05Automorphism Group of a Non-Associative Algebra I왕문옥
2008-03Comparison of the Benard convection problem with its linearized problem송종철
2010-12Polarization Effects on the Elastic Dust Grain Collisions in Complex Dusty Plasmas김대경
2008-01Spatial decay bounds for double diffusive convection in Brinkman flow송종철
2009-11A New Langmuir Probe Analysis Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transforms to Obtain the Electron Energy Distribution Function of a Bi-Maxwellian Plasma김대경
2009-07Improved spatial decay bounds in the plance Stokes flow송종철
2009-06Quantum error correction on infinite-dimensional Hilbert spacesBeny, Cedric
2009-06Lower bounds for blow-up time in a nonlinear parabolic problem송종철
2009-04Decay results in a doubly diffusive problem송종철
2017-12On Uni-soft mighty filters of BE-algebras한정순
2017-12On fuzzy mighty filters in BE-algebras한정순
2017-10Hesitant fuzzy mighty filters of BE-algebras한정순
2017-09Hesitant Fuzzy Implicative Filters in BE-algebras한정순
2017-09Designing Quantum Information Processing via Structural Physical Approximation배준우
2017-08Practical schemes of detecting entanglement with a single Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer via quantum 2-design배준우
2017-06Applications of soft sets in BF-algebras한정순
2017-06Improved measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with uncharacterized qubits배준우
2017-01Inferring effective field observables from a discrete modelBeny, Cedric
2016-08A criterion for (m_k)-hypercyclic operators and weighted shifts김은상
2016-07Operational Characterization of Divisibility of Dynamical Maps배준우