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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06Applications of soft sets in BF-algebras한정순
2017-06Improved measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with uncharacterized qubits배준우
2017-01Inferring effective field observables from a discrete modelBeny, Cedric
2016-08A criterion for (m_k)-hypercyclic operators and weighted shifts김은상
2016-07Operational Characterization of Divisibility of Dynamical Maps배준우
2016-07Anisotropic shadow effects with various pattern directions in an anamorphic high numerical aperture system김성욱
2016-07Asymptotic equivalence between the default Bayes factors and the ordinary Bayes factors with intrinsic priors김성욱
2016-07N-dimensional measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with N+1 un-characterized sources: zero quantum-bit-error-rate case배준우
2016-05The impact of the residual stress on the EUV pellicle김대경
2016-03Estimation of Parameters in a Bivariate Generalized Exponential Distribution Based on Type-II Censored Samples김성욱
2016-03Frailty model approach for the clustered interval-censored data with informative censoring김성욱
2015-12Discrimination of two-qubit unitaries via local operations and classical communication배준우
2015-12Blind data hiding technique using the Fresnelet transform김대경
2015-08Mechanical deflection of a free-standing pellicle for extreme ultraviolet lithography김대경
2015-08The renormalization group via statistical inferenceCedric Beny
2015-08Information-geometric approach to the renormalization groupCedric Beny
2015-08Multiscale Hybrid Nonlocal Means Filtering Using Modified Similarity Measure김대경