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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12Suppression effect on the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in growing networks손승우
2018-11Multistability and variations in basin of attraction in power-grid systems손승우
2018-11Sequential state discrimination of coherent states권영헌
2018-10Understanding non-classical correlation using optical hybrid states in noisy quantum channels권영헌
2018-10In-depth data on the network structure and hourly activity of the Central Chilean power grid손승우
2018-09Depth estimate of the DPRK’s 2006-10-09, 2009-05-25 and 2013-02-12 underground nuclear tests using local and teleseismic arrays이승규
2018-09Depth Calculation for the January 06, 2016, the September 09, 2016 and the September 03, 2017 Nuclear Tests of North Korea from Detailed Depth Phases Using Regional and Teleseismic Arrays이승규
2018-07A minimal set of measurements for qudit-state tomography based on unambiguous discrimination권영헌
2018-05modeling of thermomechanical changes of euv mask and their dependence on absorber variation오혜근
2018-06Removal of EUV exposed hydrocarbon from Ru capping layer of EUV mask using the mixture of alkaline solutions and organic solvents오혜근
2018-06Korean football stylometry by using the football events networks손승우
2018-06Quantitative analysis of K-Pop writers’ network by using K-Pop lyrics손승우
2018-04Analysis of Optimal Sequential State Discrimination for Linearly Independent Pure Quantum States권영헌
2008-12Influence of mask feature on the diffracted light in proximity and contact lithography오혜근
2008-12Shot Noise Suppression in SiGe Resonant Interband Tunneling Diodes정희준
2008-11Influence of Various Defects on Extreme Ultra-Violet Mask오혜근
2008-11Acid diffusion length dependency for 32 nm node attenuated and chromeless phase shift mask오혜근
2008-1122 nm 1:1 line and space patterning by using double patterning and resist reflow process오혜근
2008-11Patterning of 32 nm 1:1 Line and Space by Resist Reflow Process정희준
2008-11Patterning of 32 nm 1:1 Line and Space by Resist Reflow Process오혜근