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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06Influence of a non-ideal sidewall angle of extreme ultra-violet mask absorber for 1×-nm patterning in isomorphic and anamorphic lithography오혜근
2017-03Impact of non-uniform wrinkles for a multi-stack pellicle in EUV lithography오혜근
2017-03CD Error Caused by Aberration and Its Possible Compensation by Optical Proximity Correction in Extreme-Ultraviolet Lithography오혜근
2017-03Arc-shaped slit effect of EUV lithography with anamorphic high NA system in terms of critical dimension variation오혜근
2017-02Thermal analysis of extreme ultraviolet pellicle with metallic coatings오혜근
2017-01Impact of transmission non-uniformity of a wrinkled EUV pellicle for N5 patterning under various illuminations오혜근
2017-01Analytical model of variable characteristic of coefficient of restitution and its application to ball trajectory planning권영헌
2016-09Origin of multi-level switching and telegraphic noise in organic nanocomposite memory devices정희준
2016-09Mechanical stress induced by external forces in the extreme ultraviolet pellicle오혜근
2016-09Influence of non-uniform intensity distribution of deformed pellicle for N7 patterning오혜근
2016-08Anisotropic shadow effects with various pattern directions in an anamorphic high numerical aperture system오혜근
2016-03Explosive percolation transitions in growing networks손승우
2016-03Feasibility of a new absorber material for high NA extreme ultraviolet lithography오혜근
2016-03Throughput compensation through optical proximity correction for realization of an extreme-ultraviolet pellicle오혜근
2016-03Stress-induced pellicle analysis for extreme-ultraviolet lithography오혜근
2016-03Non-isotropic shadow effect with various pattern direction in anamorphic high numerical aperture system오혜근
2016-06Throughput compensation through optical proximity correction for realization of an extreme ultraviolet pellicle오혜근
2016-06Reduced distributions of the set current and the voltage of unipolar resistance switching in a current-biased set process강보수
2016-05Mask three-dimensional effects of etched multilayer mask for 16-nm half-pitch in extreme ultraviolet lithography오혜근
2016-05The impact of the residual stress on the EUV pellicle오혜근