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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11주파수 공유 기법을 위한 SDR 플랫폼 구현 기술남해운
2019-12인간의 전완 회전을 위한 원위 요척골 관절의 기구학적 모델링최영진
2019-12인대 구조에 기인한 유연 경첩 관절의 설계최영진
2019-12Design and Implementation of a Multi-Function Gripper for Grasping General Objects이병주
2019-12New Wafer-Level High-Frequency Characterization of Coupled Transmission Lines어영선
2019-12Delay-Optimal and Energy-Efficient Communications with Markovian Arrivals이주현
2019-12Design of a New Bilayer Multipole Electromagnetic Brake System for a Haptic Interface이병주
2019-12Surgical Navigation System for Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery Applying U-Net-Based Automatic Segmentation and Bendable Devices이병주
2019-12Robust Design of Detecting Contaminants in Façade Cleaning Applications이성온
2019-11Recurrence Plot 알고리즘을 이용한 버스트 신호 검출 성능 분석남해운
2019-11SDR 플랫폼을 통한 블라인드 등화기 구현남해운
2019-11Demand Response for Home Energy Management using Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Neural Network홍승호
2019-11Assessment of Overvoltage and Insulation Coordination in Mixed HVDC Transmission Lines Exposed to Lightning Strikes이방욱
2019-11Power efficient random access for massive NB-IoT connectivityHu Jin
2019-11Q-Learning을 활용한 개인의 의료비 최소화 연구이주현
2019-10Design of an Integrated Gripper with a Suction System for Grasping in Cluttered Environment이병주
2019-10A Reinforcement Learning Based Low-Delay Scheduling With Adaptive Transmission이주현
2019-10A Comparison of NIST 2nd Round Candidates’ MQ-based Signature Schemes서승현
2019-10Effect of Beacon Transmit Power in Exploiting Locations of Unknown Machines김동우
2019-09A Simulation Model for Time-sensitive Networking (TSN) with Experimental Validation홍승호