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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12Resource-Efficient Mobile Multimedia Streaming With Adaptive Network Selection이주현
2015-07A Surgical Navigation and Endoscope Holder Integrated System for Sinus Surgery이병주
2016-12Statistical distributions of row-hammering induced failures in DDR3 components백상현
2016-12Greedy Successive Anchorization for Localizing Machine Type Communication Devices김동우
2016-12Normally-Off MOS-HFET on AlGaN/GaN-on-Si(110) Grown by NH3 MBE오재응
2016-12Single image dehazing with bright object handling신현철
2016-12A real-time decision model for industrial load management in a smart grid홍승호
2016-12Design, Optimization, and Prototyping of a Transverse Flux-Type-Switched Reluctance Generator With an Integrated Rotor권병일
2016-12Properties of hafnium-aluminum-zinc-oxide thin films for the application of oxide-transistors박진석
2016-12Dual rotor flux switching permanent magnet machines with phase-group concentrated-coil windings for high performance권병일
2016-12Cost-effective permanent magnet shape for reducing cogging torque and torque ripple in surface-mounted permanent magnet machines권병일
2016-12Analysis and experiment of transformer vibration and noise considering electrical steel sheet magnetostriction권병일
2016-12Vanishing point detection using random forest and patch-wise weighted soft voting신현철
2016-11Outage Probability and Power Allocation for Collaborative Relaying of Multiple-Access Primary Users by Secondary User With Partial/Full Channel Knowledge김동우
2016-11Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection for Cooperative Sensor Network남해운
2016-11An Area Efficient Stacked Latch Design Tolerant to SEU in 28 nm FDSOI Technology백상현
2016-11Mitigation of commutation failures in LCC-HVDC systems based on superconducting fault current limiters이방욱
2016-10Fair Channel Access in Uplink WLANs Supporting Multi-Packet Reception With Multi-User MIMOHu Jin
2016-10Analysis and Design of Helix-on-Pads for Miniaturized Mobile Applications김정현
2016-10온라인 증권 거래에 있어서 통신 네트워크 간의 전송 지연 차이에 따른 불공평성에 대한 확률적 분석김동우