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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04Determination of Threshold Electric Field for PPLP Specimen in Liquid Nitrogen Based on the Measurement of Electrical Conductivity이방욱
2018-04Implementation of a revolute-joint-based asymmetric Schonflies motion haptic device with redundant actuation이병주
2018-04Embedded Flexible Fe–Si–Al Powder Composite Film Inductor for Low Power DC–DC Converters김희준
2018-04Optimal Power and Rate Allocation in Superposition Transmission With Successive Noise Signal Sharing Toward Zero Intercept Probability김동우
2018-06사물 인터넷을 위한 블록체인 기술 동향서승현
2018-12Automatic Image Alignment Using Principal Component Analysis이성온
2018-11Artificial optic-neural synapse for colored and color-mixed pattern recognition오새룬터
2018-11Comparative Study on Hydrogen Behavior in InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors with a SiO2/SiNx/SiO2 Buffer on Polyimide and Glass Substrates오새룬터
2018-11Two-User NOMA Uplink Random Access GamesJin, Hu
2018-11Minimum Cost Hypothesis Testing for Utility-Based Sleep-ModeHu Jin
2018-11Performance Analysis of NOMA Random AccessJin, Hu
2018-11Task-oriented type synthesis of the lower-mobility parallel mechanisms with a common platform이병주
2018-11양극성 DC 배전용 3상 3-레벨 컨버터의 누설전류저감과 NP 전류제어를 위한 공간벡터 PWM 방법김희준
2018-11블록체인을 적용한 자동차 보험 신뢰모델 설계서승현
2018-11드론 센서를 시드로 활용한 MQ 기반 서명 기법의 변수 생성 방안서승현
2018-11Analysis for reference sensor selection in TDOA-based localization송택렬
2018-11An Efficient Automatic Midsagittal Plane Extraction in Brain MRI이성온
2018-10Motion optimization of human body for impulse-based applications이병주
2018-10Bearings-only multi-target tracking using an improved labeled multi-Bernoulli filter송택렬
2018-10Assessment of Appropriate MMC Topology Considering DC Fault Handling Performance of Fault Protection Devices이방욱