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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12Backlog estimation for uplink/downlink fairness in unsaturated bidirectional CSMA networksJin, Hu
2017-12An adaptive dynamically weighted median filter for impulse noise removal이동호
2017-12Flexible grid-mesh electrodes fabricated by electroless copper plating on corona-treated PET substrates and coating with graphene for transparent film heaters박진석
2017-12Hour-Ahead Price Based Energy Management Scheme for Industrial Facilities홍승호
2017-12Markov Chain Realization of Joint Integrated Probabilistic Data Association송택렬
2015-01가시광 통신 기반의 실내 위치 인식 시스템에서 LED의 광 출력 추정에 관한 연구남해운
2017-11Optimally Controlled Pure ALOHA Systems for Wireless Sensor NetworksJin, Hu
2017-11Impacts of Retransmission Limit on Stability and Throughput Regions of S-ALOHA SystemsJin, Hu
2017-11HTS Dual-Stator Spoke-Type Linear Vernier Machine for Leakage Flux Reduction권병일
2017-11A High Force Density HTS Tubular Vernier Machine권병일
2017-11Optimal Design of Wound Field Synchronous Reluctance Machines to Improve Torque by Increasing the Saliency Ratio권병일
2017-11환경 데이터를 활용한 공간 식별 방안 연구서승현
2017-11Effect of spectrum sensing and transmission duration on spectrum hole utilisation in cognitive radio networks남해운
2017-11Random Access Performance of Distributed Sensors Attacked by Unknown Jammers김동우
2017-11Optimal Pricing and Power Allocation for Collaborative Jamming with Full Channel Knowledge in Wireless Sensor Networks김동우
2017-10Underactuated Finger Mechanism Using Contractible Slider-Cranks and Stackable Four-Bar Linkages최영진
2017-10A 17.4-b Delta-Sigma Capacitance-to-Digital Converter for One-Terminal Capacitive Sensors노정진
2017-10Incentive-based demand response considering hierarchical electricity market: A Stackelberg game approach홍승호
2017-10Iterative sparse channel estimation and demodulation for blind equalisation남해운
2017-09A Coordinated Navigation Strategy for Multi-Robots to Capture a Target Moving with Unknown Speed이성온