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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-12Bridge inspection robot system with machine vision이병주
2009-12Screw-Based Kinematic Modeling and Geometric Analysis of Planar Mobile Robots이병주
2009-11New Expressions of 2 x 2 Block Matrix Inversion and Their Application최영진
2009-11Bridge inspection robot system with machine vision최영진
2009-11A 0.6-V Delta-Sigma Modulator With Subthreshold-Leakage Suppression Switches노정진
2009-11On the capacity growth of opportunistic single-relay selection with quality based feedback in fixed-gain amplify-and-forward relaying김동우
2009-11Investigation of Partial Discharge Phenomena in HTS Transformer Adopting Different Type of Sensors이방욱
2009-11Investigation of Real Field Application Issues for Resistive Type Superconducting Fault Current Limiters for Distribution Electric Power Networks이방욱
2009-11Investigation of Partial Discharge Phenomena in HTS Transformer Adopting Different Type of Sensors구자윤
2009-10Optimization of Multi-Branch Switched Diversity Systems남해운
2009-10Jerk-Bounded Trajectory Generation Method using Digital Convolution최영진
2009-10Walking Pattern Generation using Approximate Unstable Zero Cancelation and Its Compensation Method최영진
2009-10A di/dt Compensation Technique in Delay Testing by Disconnecting Power Pins백상현
2009-10Fully integrated 3 x 3 mm BiFET stage-bypass power amplifier for WCDMA handset application김정현
2009-10A Foldable 3-DOF Parallel Mechanism with Application to a Flat Panel TV Mounting Device이병주
2009-10Grasping Algorithm for Varied Objects이병주
2009-10Grasping Algorithm for Varied Objects최영진
2009-07A 99-dB DR Fourth-Order Delta-Sigma Modulator for 20-kHz Bandwidth Sensor Applications노정진
2009-08Null Detector Circuit Design Scheme for Detecting Defective AC-Coupled Capacitors in Differential Signaling백상현
2009-08SRAM Interleaving Distance Selection With a Soft Error Failure Model백상현