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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-08Development of semi-automatic inspection system for indoor pipeline이병주
2007-08Automation of surgical illumination system using robot and ultrasonic sensor이병주
2007-08Screw Based Kinematic Modeling and Geometric Analysis of Planar Mobile robots이병주
2007-08Design and control of bridge inspection robot system이병주
2007-08Design and Control of Bridge Inspection Robot System최영진
2007-08Multi-lag Out of Sequence Measurement 환경에서의 IMM-MPDA 필터 성능분석송택렬
2007-08Effect of waveguide structure for suppression of ripples in the far-field pattern of a 405-nm InGaN-GaN Laser Diode유경렬
2007-08나이트 비전을 위한 화질 향상 알고리즘최명렬
2007-08차량 통신을 위한 S-DES 설계최명렬
2007-08Speech Enhancement by Overweighting Gain with Nonlinear Structure in Wavelet Packet Transform양성일
2007-08Implementation of Fault Tolerant Mechanism in the BACnet/IP Protocol홍승호
2007-07PID state estimator for Lagrangian systems최영진
2007-07BER analysis for decode-and-forward relaying in Rayleigh fading channel김동우
2007-07Sum-rate maximization of zero-forcing beamforming MIMO systems with intercell interference김동우
2007-07와이브로 상향링크에서 개방형 전력제어를 위한 상/하향 전력제어 계단값 설정 방법김동우
2007-07On capacity and fairness of quality-based channel-state reporting with different thresholds in non-identical Rayleigh fading channels김동우
2007-07초음파 센서기반 추적 알고리즘을 이용한 자동 수술 조명 로봇 시스템이병주
2007-11Hysteresis in a carbon nanotube based electroactive polymer microfiber actuator: numerical modeling이병주
2007-07경사진 QRD를 이용한 전자파 잔향실 내 전자기장 균일도 향상을 위한 연구이중근
2007-07Design of Digital Decimation Filter for Delta-Sigma A/D Converters노정진