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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-11High-Frequency-Measurement-Based Circuit Modeling and Power/Ground Integrity Evaluation of Integrated Circuit Packages어영선
2008-11Hydrogenation and Annealing Effects in n-Type ZnO Bulk Samples오재응
2008-10Joint-Limit Avoidance and Kinetic-Energy Minimization in Manipulators Having Surplus Joints이병주
2008-10Performance Analysis of Joint Switched Diversity and Adaptive Modulation남해운
2008-10Frequency-Shaped High Gain Compensator for Optical Disk Drive Control System최영진
2008-10Joint-Limit Avoidance and Kinetic-Energy Minimization in Manipulators Having Surplus Joints최영진
2008-10A contrast enhancement method using dynamic range separate histogram equalization최명렬
2008-10Probability of SNR gain by dual-hop relaying over single-hop transmission in SISO Rayleigh fading channels김동우
2008-08Electron-emission properties of titanium carbide-coated carbon nanotubes grown on a nano-sized tungsten tip박진석
2008-09Direct growth of carbon nanotubes on a micro-sized cobalt tip and characterization of electron-emission properties박진석
2008-09Temperature Compensating Bias Circuit for GaAs HBT RF Power Amplifiers with a Stage Bypass Architecture김정현
2008-09Closed-form exact BER and optimization of generalized orthogonal STBCs김동우
2008-09Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction Analysis of InN Grown on Si (111) with Molecular Beam Epitaxy오재응
2008-08Class-D audio amplifier using 1-bit fourth-order delta-sigma modulation노정진
2008-08Comparison of two SNR-based feedback schemes in multiuser dual-hop amplify-and-forward relaying networks김동우
2008-07Low Power Ternary Content-Addressable Memories (TCAM) Design Using Segmented Match-Line백상현
2008-07Analytical CAD models for the signal transients and crosstalk noise of inductance-effect-prominent multi-coupled RLC interconnect lines어영선
2008-07One pneumatic line based inchworm-like micro robot for half-inch pipe inspection이병주
2008-06A Novel Starting Method of the Surface Permanent-Magnet BLDC Motors Without Position Sensor for Reciprocating Compressor권병일
2008-06A MIMO-Based collision mitigation scheme in uplink WLANsJin, Hu