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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04Robust uncalibrated stereo rectification with constrained geometric distortions (USR-CGD)고현석
2017-05A ParaBoost stereoscopic image quality assessment (PBSIQA) system고현석
2018-07Learning-Based Just-Noticeable-Quantization-Distortion Modeling for Perceptual Video Coding고현석
2019-09Design and Performance Evaluation of a Modular Linear Induction Machine for Rotating Electronic Billboard권병일
2019-11Brushless wound rotor synchronous machine with third‑harmonic field excitation권병일
2019-11Design of a 3-DOF Linkage-Driven Underactuated Finger for Multiple Grasping이병주
2019-11Object Singulation by Nonlinear Pushing for Robotic Grasping이병주
2019-06Beyond Max-weight Scheduling: A Reinforcement Learning-based Approach이주현
2019-06sEMG Data Expansion for Accurate Posture Classification최영진
2019-06Foot Postures Classification using sEMG Signals최영진
2019-06Sensing Wear for Multi-channel sEMG Acquisition최영진
2019-06Development of Prosthetic Finger including an Actuator최영진
2019-06Humanoid Curved Foot with Longitudinal Arch최영진
2019-06Approximate Linear Modeling of Pneumatic Artificial Muscle최영진
2019-063 DoFs Tensegrity Structure for Human Shoulder Motion Mimicking최영진
2019-07Incentivizing Strategy for Demand Response Aggregator Considering Market Entry Criterion: A Game Theoretical Approach홍승호
2019-03Study of transformer magnetic field considering different temperature and DC bias of electrical steel sheet권병일
2019-03A novel spoke-type IPM machine with surface-mounted magnets to improve torque characteristics권병일
2019-03Design and analysis of an axial flux dual stator flux modulating synchronous reluctance machine권병일
2019-03Optimal design of dual stator spoke type vernier machine considering armature winding placement권병일