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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10Assessment of Socio-Demographic factors, mother and child health status, water, sanitation, and hygienic conditions existing in a hilly rural village of Nepal이선영
2019-10One Million Cycle Durability Test of Electrochromic Devices Using Charge Balance Control이선영
2019-10Rapid Formation of Kinetically sprayed Cu-Sn Intermetallic film이선영
2019-09Green Manufacturing of Highly Conductive Cu2O and Cu Nanoparticles for Photonic-Sintered Printed Electronics좌용호
2019-11Highly transparent and conductive oxide-metal-oxide electrodes optimized at the percolation thickness of AgOx for transparent silicon thin-film solar cells안지훈
2019-11Effect of nitrogen functionalization of graphite felt electrode by ultrasonication on the electrochemical performance of vanadium redox flow battery장영욱
2019-11Synthesis of two-dimensional MoS2/graphene heterostructure by atomic layer deposition using MoF6 precursor김우희
2019-11High Dielectric, Robust Composite Protective Layer for Dendrite-Free and LiPF6 Degradation-Free Lithium Metal Anode조국영
2019-11Synergistic high-voltage lithium ion battery performance by dual anode and cathode stabilizer additives조국영
2019-09Partially-recrystallized ferrite grains and multiple plasticity enhancing mechanisms in a medium Mn steel김진경
2019-09Out-of-Plane Piezoresponse of Monolayer MoS2 on Plastic Substrates Enabled by Highly Uniform and Layer-Controllable CVD김우희
2019-09Low-voltage modulated inorganic smart windows using solid polymer electrolyte이선영
2019-08Ultrathin ZrO2 on LiNi0.5Mn0.3Co0.2O2 electrode surface via atomic layer deposition for high-voltage operation in lithium-ion batteries조국영
2019-11Investigaion of Ag-Doping in kinetically sprayed SnO2 composite film and its application to gas sensor이선영
2019-08Insights into Lithium Surface: Stable Cycling by Controlled 10 μm Deep Surface Relief, Reinterpreting the Natural Surface Defect on Lithium Metal Anode조국영
2019-07Tuning Intercrystalline Void-like Defects in Nanowire Clusters to TiO2 Quantum Wires with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance이선영
2019-07Study on the Synthetic Characteristics of Biomass-Derived Isosorbide-Based Poly(arylene ether ketone)s for Sustainable Super Engineering Plastic장영욱
2019-07Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition of Device-Quality SiO2 Thin Films under 100 °C Using an Aminodisilane Precursor김우희
2019-06Onsite paper-type colorimetric detector with enhanced sensitivity for alkali ion via polydiacetylene-nanoporous rice husk silica composites김희택
2019-06Sintering behavior of bimodal iron nanopowder agglomerates이선영