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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11Formation Behavior of Intermetallic Dross Particles in Hot Dip Galvanizing Bath박주현
2015-06Dealumination에 의한 NaY zeolite의 개질과 VOCs 흡착특성에 관한 연구강신춘
2015-07Nonlinear Optical Investigations in Nine-Atom Silver Quantum Clusters and Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets박태주
2015-06양극산화 알루미나 주형 기반의 전해 증착법을 이용한 니켈 나노선의 합성 및 특성 연구좌용호
2015-06Silver Quantum Cluster (Ag-9)-Grafted Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation and Dye Degradation박태주
2015-05Electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution using graphitic carbon nitride coupled with nanoporous graphene co-doped by S and Se이정호
2015-05Thermodynamic Interaction between Chromium and Sulfur in High Cr Containing Liquid Iron박종진
2015-08Morphological Transformation Reactions of Photocatalytic Metalloporphyrin-Containing Coordination Polymer Particles from Seed Structures유봉영
2015-01Photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution of tapered silicon nanowires이정호
2016-02Growth characteristics and electrical properties of SiO2 thin films prepared using plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition with an aminosilane precursor김우희
2016-04Local Ferroelectric Responses of Epitaxial PbTiO3 Thin Films to Heated Atomic Force Microscopy김우희
2016-06The role of metastable LPSO building block clusters in phase transformations of an Mg-Y-Zn alloy김진경
2016-10Stacking fault energy and deformation mechanisms in Fe-xMn-0.6C-yAl TWIP steel김진경
2017-01Uniform Color Coating of Multilayered TiO2/Al2O3 Films by Atomic Layer Deposition김우희
2017-02Observation of dislocations with a Burgers vector containing a ˂c˃ component in martensitic hcp ε Fe-17%Mn김진경
2017-02Incomplete elimination of precursor ligands during atomic layer deposition of zinc-oxide, tin-oxide, and zinc-tin-oxide김우희
2017-06The effect of vanadium micro-alloying on the microstructure and the tensile behavior of TWIP steel김진경
2017-08Micro-plasticity of medium Mn austenitic steel: Perfect dislocation plasticity and deformation twinning김진경
2017-09On the plasticity mechanisms of lath martensitic steel김진경
2017-10Microstructures and mechanical properties of Ti and Mo micro-alloyed medium Mn steel김진경