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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06Estimation of sulfur segregation at the interface between molten iron and graphite substrate from wetting experiments박주현
2009-06Magnetic Behaviors of Surface Modified Superparamagnetic Magnetite Nanoparticles좌용호
2009-06Broadband RF Noise Suppression by Magnetic Nanowire-Filled Composite Films좌용호
2009-06A gas nanosensor unaffected by humidity유봉영
2009-06Cavitation damage incorporating cavity growth in submicrometer-grained titanium alloy신동혁
2009-06Synthesis and reduction behavior of sol-precipitated iron oxide/tungsten oxide nanoparticles박종진
2009-05Corrosion resistance of oxide layers formed on AZ91 Mg alloy in KMnO4electrolyte by plasma electrolytic oxidation유봉영
2009-05Combined effects of grain size and recrystallization on the tensile properties of cryorolled pure vanadium신동혁
2009-05Synthesis of nanocrystalline Fe-W composite through hydrogen reduction of thermally sythesized iron tungstate, Fe2WO6박종진
2009-01Thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of poly(lactic acid)/epoxidized soybean oil blends강신춘
2009-05Utilization of mill scale and recycled MoO3 from spent acid for economic synthesis of nanocrystalline intermetallic Fe-Mo alloys박종진
2009-05Electrochemical deposition of thermoelectric SbxTey thin films and nanowires유봉영
2009-05Human extracellular matrix (ECM) powders for injectable cell delivery and adipose tissue engineering유봉영
2009-04Space charge limited current-voltage characteristics of organic semiconductor diode fabricated at various gravity conditions이정호
2009-04Twin-Roll Cast Al-Clad Magnesium Alloy신동혁
2009-04Bio-nano reinforcement of environmentally degradable polymer matrix by cellulose whiskers from grass이선영
2009-03Diffusion Kinetics of Oxygen in beta-Titanium Measured by Molten Flux Method박주현
2009-03Reduced Electrical Defects and Improved Reliability of Atomic-Layer-Deposited HfO2 Dielectric Films by In Situ NH3 Injection박태주
2009-03Polymer Inkjet Printing: Construction of Three-dimensional Structures at Micro-Scale by Repeated Lamination조용우
2009-03Characterization of plasma electrolytic oxide formed on AZ91 Mg alloy in KMnO4 electrolyte유봉영