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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-08Effect of ZnO addition in In2O3 ceramics: defect chemistry and sintering behavior이재성
2004-08Phase development procedure of In2O3(ZnO)3 cermics and its sintering behavior이재성
2004-07Investigation of thermal and fire performance of novel hybrid geopolymer compositesManwar Hussain
2004-07Fabrication of MgO based nanocomposites with multifunctionality좌용호
2004-07Effects of Boron Contents on Magnetic Properties of Fe-Co-B Thin Films김종렬
2004-09Enhancement of high strain rate superplastic elongation of a modified 5154 Al by subsequent rolling after equal channel angular pressing신동혁
2004-01Grain Boundary Diffusion and Segregation in Compacted and sintered Nanocrystalline Alloys이재성
2004-07A Thermodynamic Study on the Inclusion Formation in Ferritic Stainless Steel Melt박종진
2004-07Cu CMP에서 Large sized particles이 연마속도에 미치는 영향박진구
2004-07CMP 공정중 전기화학적 방법과 마찰력을 이용하여 Cu Wafer와 Disc의 특성 비교박진구
2004-07In-Situ Characterization of Electrochemical and Frictional Behaviors During Copper CMP박진구
2004-06N-heterocyclic carbene-palladium complex on polystyrene resin surface as polymer-supported catalyst and its application in Suzuki cross-coupling reaction김종호
2004-06Effects of Fine Alumina Dispersion on Ionic Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Ytterbia Stabilized Cubic Zirconia좌용호
2004-06Reaction of Ozone and H2O2 in NH4OH Solutions and Their Reaction with Silicon Wafers박진구
2004-01Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructures and Tensile Properties of Ultrafine Grained C-Mn Steel Containing 0.34 mass%V신동혁
2004-06화학적인 환원 공정에 의한 FePt 나노입자의 합성이재성
2004-03Synthesis and surface-active properties of a trisiloxane modified oligo(propylene oxide-block-ethylene oxide) wetting agent노시태
2004-06H2S 제거를 위한 철광석계 탈황제에 대한 첨가물 효과김희택
2004-06레이저 충격파 클리닝 공정에 있어 자외선의 영향박진구
2004-06The Effects of Mechanical Properties of Polishing Pads on Oxide CMP(Chemical Mechanical Planarization)박진구