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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-05Microcirculation within grooved substrates regulates cell positioning and cell docking inside microfluidic channels정봉근
2009-05Cell docking in double grooves in a microfluidic channel정봉근
2009-03Rapid generation of spatially and temporally controllable long-range concentration gradients in a microfluidic device정봉근
2016-07Oleic acid-embedded nanoliposome as a selective tumoricidal agent이은규
2016-09Separation of mono- and di-PEGylate of exenatide and resolution of positional isomers of mono-PEGylates by preparative ion exchange chromatography이은규
2017-07Multifunctional nanoparticles as a tissue adhesive and an injectable marker for image-guided procedures김도균
2018-03Longitudinal multiplexed measurement of quantitative proteomic signatures in mouse lymphoma models using magneto-nanosensors김도균
2018-03Device-assisted transdermal drug delivery김도균
2018-12Shielding Effect of a PEG Molecule of a Mono-PEGylated Peptide Varies with PEG Chain Length이은규
2008-10High-throughput screening of cell responses to biomaterials정봉근
2008-06Expression in yeast of secreted lignin peroxidase with improved 2,4-dichlorophenol degradability by DNA shuffling이은규
2008-02A microwell array system for stem cell culture정봉근
2008-01Microfluidics for drug discovery and development: from target selection to product lifecycle management정봉근
2008-01Functionality improvement of fungal lignin peroxidase by DNA shuffling for 2,4-dichlorophenol degradability and H2O2 stability이은규
2017-09Immunomagnetic separation of human myeloperoxidase using an antibody-mimicking peptide identified by phage display이은규