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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02Step-Down Spatial Randomness Test for Detecting Abnormalities in DRAM Wafers with Multiple Spatial Maps김병훈
2016-11Patent Clustering and Outlier Ranking Methodologies for Attributed Patent Citation Networks for Technology Opportunity Discovery김병훈
2017-09실물옵션 기반 기술가치 평가모델 정교화와 변동성 유효구간에 관한 연구김병훈
2017-10Two-phase edge outlier detection method for technology opportunity discovery김병훈
2017-10Data mining-based variable assessment methodology for evaluating the contribution of knowledge services of a public research institute to business performance of firms김병훈
2018-01Medicine supply chain model for an integrated healthcare system with uncertain product complaints강창욱
2018-04텍스트 분류 문제에서 특징 간 상호작용을 고려한 특징선택 기법허선
2018-04다목적 특징 선택을 통한 반도체 제조공정에서의 불량탐지 방안허선
2018-11Large-scale disaster waste management under uncertain environmentSarkar, Biswajit
2018-11Supply Chain with Customer-Based Two-Level Credit Policies under an Imperfect Quality EnvironmentSarkar, Biswajit
2018-12Sustainable Inventory Management for Environmental Impact through Partial Backordering and Multi-Trade-Credit-PeriodSarkar, Biswajit
2018-12A Model and an Algorithm for a Large-Scale Sustainable Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Problem김종수
2018-12Product Channeling in an O2O Supply Chain Management as Power Transmission in Electric Power Distribution SystemsSarkar, Biswajit
2018-12Imperfect Multi-Stage Lean Manufacturing System with Rework under Fuzzy DemandSarkar, Biswajit
2018-12Sustainable Lot Size in a Multistage Lean-Green Manufacturing Process under UncertaintySarkar, Biswajit
2018-11Improving Project Budget Estimation Accuracy and Precision by Analyzing Reserves for Both Identified and Unidentified Risks강창욱
2018-11반도체 산업에서의 다이 접착 공정 최적화를 위한 강화학습 모델허선
2018-11A3C 깊은 강화학습을 이용한 다수의 의존적 창고 재고관리 스케줄링허선
2018-10Effect of Energy and Failure Rate in a Multi-Item Smart Production SystemSarkar, Biswajit
2018-10Product of interval-valued fuzzy graphs and degreeSarkar, Biswajit