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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10Thermal-Aware Scheduling for Integrated CPUs--GPU Platforms이영문
2019-03전기커넥터 조립용 그리퍼 설계를 위한 전기커넥터 파지 및 조립특징분석연구한창수
2019-07A Spiral Curve Gait Design for a Modular Snake Robot Moving on a Pipe이지영
2019-12띠톱기계 톱대의 역학적 모델링 및 설계한창수
2019-12마비환자의 손 근력보조 및 Pinch 동작이 가능한 휴대용 핸드 외골격 로봇 개발한창수
2019-12Luminescence properties of reddish orange emitting BaLa2ZnO5:Sm3+ phosphor prepared by citric based sol-gel synthesis박태준
2019-12Internal fork-shaped wideband monopole antenna with a parasitic sleeve for ultra-high-definition television applications박태준
2019-08Internal Reconfigurable Dipole–Loop Antenna Array for High Reception Rate of Wideband UHD-TV Applications박태준
2019-11Assessment of gamma-rays and fast neutron beam attenuation features of Er2O3-doped B2O3–ZnO–Bi2O3 glasses using XCOM and simulation codes (MCNP5 and Geant4)박태준
2019-11Development of Unmanned Excavator Vehicle System for Performing Dangerous Construction Work한창수
2019-07A Spiral Curve Gait Design for a Modular Snake Robot Moving on a Pipe한창수
2019-10Fluorescence features of Tm3+-doped multicomponent borosilicate and borotellurite glasses for blue laser and S-band optical amplifier applications박태준
2019-09A Wearable Sleep Position Tracking System Based on Dynamic State Transition Framework박태준
2019-08LSTM based hydraulic excavator angular velocity prediction model한창수
2019-10Development of bulldozer sensor system for estimating the position of blade cutting edge한창수
2019-11Intuitive Gait Pattern Generation for an Exoskeleton Robot한창수
2019-10탈부착 타입 굴삭기 원격조작 키트와 5G 기반 저지연 영상전송 모듈을 이용한 장거리용 지뢰 제거 시스템에 관한 연구한창수
2019-03Estimating the Composition of Food Nutrients from Hyperspectral Signals Based on Deep Neural Networks박태준
2019-09효과적으로 기부를 받기 위한 인간형 로봇의 외형 디자인 및 행동에 관한 연구한재권
2019-07An Extensive Approach to Features Detection and Description for 2-D Range Data Using Active B-splines한창수