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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07SiMul: An Algorithm-Driven Approximate Multiplier Design for Machine Learning박태준
2018-06Motion planning for a planar mechanical system with dissipative forces이지영
2018-05STMAC: Spatio-Temporal Coordination-Based MAC Protocol for Driving Safety in Urban Vehicular Networks박태준
2008-10Development of a control algorithm for a tie-rod-actuating steer-by-wire system한창수
2008-09Development of a control algorithm for a rack-actuating steer-by-wire system using road information feedback한창수
2008-07Development of a Robot Simulator Using a Modified Trajectory Generation Algorithm Oriented towards the Palletizing Task한창수
2008-06A frequency response function based updating technique for the finite element model of automotive structures한창수
2008-06Active geometry control suspension system for the enhancement of vehicle stability한창수
2008-06Design consideration of the nonlinear specifications in the automotive body한창수
2008-06Human Robot Cooperative Control and Task Planning for a Glass Ceiling Installation Robot한창수
2008-06Proposal for a Modular-Type Knee-Assistive Wearable Unit and Verification of Its Feasibility한창수
2014-12Lower extremity exercise of knee osteoarthritis patients using portable assistive robot (HEXAR-KR40P)한창수
2008-01A Method for predicting dynamic behavior characteristics of a vehicle using screw theory - part I한창수
2009-09Scale-factor corrections in the optical inertial sensor한창수
2009-08Feasibility verification of brick-laying robot using manipulation trajectory and the laying pattern optimization한창수
2009-06Design consideration of actuator specifications in mobile manipulator system한창수
2009-04CAE(Computer aided engineering) driven durability model verification for the automotive structure development한창수
2017-10Smart Gait-Aid Glasses for Parkinson’s Disease Patients박태준
2017-09Collision Avoidance from Multiple Passive Agents with Partially Predictable Behavior이지영
2017-08Fuzzy Bin-Based Classification for Detecting Children’s Presence with 3D Depth Cameras박태준