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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-11The investigation of soot and temperature distributions in a visualized direct injection diesel engine using a laser diagnostics이기형
2008-11Nonlinear Response Structural Optimization of a Joined-Wing Using Equivalent Loads박경진
2008-11Structural Optimization of an Automobile Roof Structure Using Equivalent Static Loads박경진
2008-10Computational Study on the Effects of Volume Ratio of DOC/DPF and Catalyst Loading on the PM and NOx Emission Control for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines김우승
2008-10A Numerical Analysis of heat and fluid flow with a deformable curved free surface in a laser melting process김우승
2008-10Effect of Injection Condition and Swirl on D.I. Diesel Combustion in a Transparent Engine System이기형
2008-10Optimization of a Nuclear Fuel Spacer Grid Spring Using Homology Constraints박경진
2008-10Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Slurry Flow in Chemical Mechanical Polishing이도형
2008-10Numerical Study on the Optimum Injection of Urea-Water Solution for SCR DeNOx System of a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine to Improve DeNOx Performance and Reduce NH3 Slip김우승
2008-09In-process monitoring of drilling burr formation using acoustic emission and a wavelet-based artificial neural network이도형
2008-09In-Process Monitoring of Drilling Burr Formation using Acoustic Emission and a Wavelet-based Artificial Neural Network이성환
2008-08Dynamic stability of a semi-circular pipe conveying harmonically oscillating fluid정진태
2008-07Hydroforming Simulation of High-strength Steel cross-members in an Automotive Rear Subframe배대성
2008-07Mode and Design Sensitivity Analyses for Brake Judder Reduction박경진
2008-07Numerical simulation of compression of the single sphericalvapor bubble on a basis of the uniform model양현익
2008-07On the fulfillment of the energy conservation law in mathematical models of evolution of single spherical bubble양현익
2008-07Micro-damage formation of rubber hose assembly for automotive hydraulic brake under durability test최낙삼
2008-07Development of an automotive rear subframe by the tube hydroforming process배대성
2008-06Real-time immunoassay with a PDMS-glass hybrid microfilter electro-immunosensing chip using nanogold particles and silver enhancement이성환