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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10Fluorescence features of Tm3+-doped multicomponent borosilicate and borotellurite glasses for blue laser and S-band optical amplifier applications윤종헌
2019-12Luminescence properties of reddish orange emitting BaLa2ZnO5:Sm3+ phosphor prepared by citric based sol-gel synthesis윤종헌
2019-10흡착식 담수화 공정의 성능에 실리카겔 흡착제의 물리적 특성이 미치는 영향에 대한 고찰김영득
2019-10Silica gel-based adsorption cooling cum desalination system: Focus on brine salinity, operating pressure, and its effect on performance김영득
2019-10Cyclic elastic modulus and low cycle fatigue life of woven-type GFRP coated aluminum plates최낙삼
2019-10Innovative swirling flow-type microbubble generator for multi-stage DCMD desalination system: Focus on the two-phase flow pattern, bubble size distribution, and its effect on MD performance김영득
2019-11Multi-stage adsorptive purification process for improving desulfurization performance of biogas김영득
2019-09Experimental study of cavitation intensity using a novel hydrodynamic cavitation reactor윤준용
2019-09Crash optimization considering the head injury criterion박경진
2019-09Vehicle crash optimization considering a roof crush test and a side impact test박경진
2019-12Fully Stretchable Electromagnet Using Magnetoactive PDMS Sponges and Metallic Coils이원철
2019-09Selective magnetic abrasive finishing of nano-thickness IZO-coated Pyrex glass using acoustic emission monitoring and artificial neural network이성환
2019-08Microstructural evolution of twin-roll-cast Al-Mn alloy during cold rolling and subsequent annealing: Effect of number of cold-rolling passes윤종헌
2019-10Performance test for laminated-type prosthetic foot with composite plates윤종헌
2019-08Thermo-mechanical coupled analysis of hot press forming with 22MnB5 steel윤종헌
2019-11Variation in Crystallographic Orientation and Twinning Activation with Size of Individual Grains in Rolled Magnesium Alloy윤종헌
2019-07Adaptive Energy Management Strategy for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle Based on Daily Driving Patterns김남욱
2019-07Upscaling of microfluidic fuel cell using planar single stacks안유민
2019-07Upscaling of microfluidic fuel cell using planar single stacks이성환
2019-06Laser-stimulated birefringence of Ga2O3-La2S2.95Se0.05 glasses for optical recording of information윤종헌