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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-11Reduction in Harmful Emissions Using a Two-Stage Injection-type Premixed Charge Compression Ignition Engine이기형
2009-11Biochip for separation of motile sperm by using thermotaxis안유민
2009-11Differentially Flat Designs of Bipeds ensuring Limit CyclesAgrawal, Sunil K.
2009-10Aerosol Electrical Mobility Spectrum analyzer안강호
2009-10Aluminum-GFRP hybrid square tube beam reinforced by a thin composite skin layer최낙삼
2009-10Numerical Analysis for Structural Safety Evaluation of Butterfly Valves윤준용
2009-09Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Thermal Analysis of the Plate in Indirectly-Fired Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace김우승
2009-09Influence of Spacing on the Thermal Efficiency of a Dual-Monolithic Catalytic Converter During Warmup김우승
2009-09A Differentially Flat Open-Chain Space Robot with Arbitrarily Oriented Joint Axes and Two Momentum Wheels at the BaseAgrawal, Sunil K.
2009-09Dynamic Characteristics Measurements of Inkjet-printed Thin Films of Nanosilver Suspensions on a Flexible Plastic Substrate오제훈
2009-09An investigation on the fuel behavior for a PFI type motorcycle engine이기형
2009-07Investigation of Emission Characteristics Affected by New Cooling System in a Diesel Engine이기형
2009-08Modal analysis of a rotating multi-packet blade system정진태
2009-07Novel swing-assist un-motorized exoskeletons for gait trainingAgrawal, Sunil K.
2009-07Multibody dynamics analysis of the driveshaft coupling of the ball and tripod types of constant velocity joints배대성
2009-07Quasi-Disk Type Microbond Pull-Out Test for Evaluating Fiber/Matrix Adhesion in Composites최낙삼
2009-07Numerical Design of the Diesel Particulate Filter for Optimum Thermal Performances During Regeneration김우승
2009-07Dose reconstruction for intensity-modulated radiation therapy using a non-iterative method and portal dose image이도형
2009-06Noise reduction of an induction motor for a forklift정진태
2009-05Effect of distance between 90° elbow close to upstream of orifice plate and the orifice plate on discharge coefficient윤준용