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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12Numerical performance and safety analyses of a retainer-type ball valve for use in a high-pressure district heating pipeline윤준용
2017-12Emission Characteristics for a Homogeneous charged Compression Ignition Diesel Engine with Exhaust Gas Recirculation Using Split Injection Methodology이기형
2017-11Estimation of Impact Loads in a Hydraulic Breaker by Transfer Path Analysis정진태
2017-11Efficient three-stage approach to fatigue life assessment for transport machines in the context of stilt sprayer performance양현익
2017-11Multi-objective optimization for mixed-flow pump with blade angle of impeller exit and diffuser inlet윤준용
2017-11Performance and energy cost evaluation of an integrated NH3-based CO2 capture-capacitive deionization process김우승
2017-10Robust motion profiles for the residual vibration reduction of an undamped system정진태
2017-10An implementation of direct linear equation solver using a many-core CPU for mechanical dynamic analysis배대성
2017-09Dynamic analysis of a pulley-belt system with spring supports정진태
2017-09Acoustic emission characteristics of methacrylate-based composite and silorane-based composite during dental restoration according to a variety of C-factor최낙삼
2017-09Mechanical property behavior and aging mechanism of carbon-black-filled EPDM rubber reinforced by carbon nano-tubes subjected to electro-chemical and thermal degradation최낙삼
2017-09Classification and prediction of burr formation in micro drilling of ductile metals안유민
2017-09Calibration of hoop stress in ring tensile test with Zircaloy-4 tube윤종헌
2017-09An improved direct linear equation solver using multi-GPU in multi-body dynamics배대성
2017-08Fabrication of highly-sensitive capacitive pressure sensors with electrospun polymer nanofibers오제훈
2017-08Optimal design of groove shape on passive micromixer using design of experiment technique윤준용
2017-08Optimization and calibration strategy using design of experiment for a diesel engine이기형
2017-08Accelerating implicit integration in multi-body dynamics using GPU computing배대성
2017-08Anisotropic in-plane fatigue behavior of rolled magnesium alloy with {10-12} twins윤종헌
2017-07Dynamic analysis of an axially moving robot manipulator supported by bearings정진태