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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06안개시 도시고속도로 통행속도 중장기 예측 알고리즘 개발오철
2015-08Estimating safety performance trends over time for treatments at intersections in Florida박준영
2015-10Assessing the safety effects of multiple roadside treatments using parametric and nonparametric approaches박준영
2015-12Evaluation of the safety effectiveness of the conversion of two-lane roadways to four-lane divided roadways: Bayesian versus empirical bayes박준영
2015-12Real-time crash prediction for expressway weaving segments박준영
2016-01Evaluation of safety effectiveness of multiple cross sectional features on urban arterials박준영
2016-03Safety effects of widening shoulders on rural multilane roads: Developing crash modification functions with multivariate adaptive regression splines박준영
2016-09Use of empirical and full Bayes before-after approaches to estimate the safety effects of roadside barriers with different crash conditions박준영
2017-04Time series trends of the safety effects of pavement resurfacing박준영
2017-06Alternative Approach for Combining Multiple Crash Modification Factors Using Adjustment Function and Analytic Hierarchy Process박준영
2018-02고속도로 유입연결로 구간 화물차 군집운영전략 수립 방안 연구오철
2018-03고속도로 화물차 군집주행 적용구간 선정 연구오철
2018-05Investigation of associations between marijuana law changes and marijuana-involved fatal traffic crashes: A state-level analysis박준영
2018-11Exploring lane change safety issues for manually driven vehicles in vehicle platooning environments오철
2018-12Multi-agent 주행 시뮬레이션을 이용한 운전자 주행패턴을 반영한 공격운전 검지기법 개발오철
2018-12A Novel Method to Integrate Speed and Emissions Characteristics in Pavement Marking Design오철
2018-12미시교통시뮬레이션을 이용한 WIM 기반 과적단속 체계운영 효과 평가 방법론 개발 및 적용오철
2018-12A New Approach to Analyzing Cycling Stability Using an Inertial Measurement Unit Sensor오철
2018-12Development of a lane change risk index using vehicle trajectory data오철
2018-12Development of Highway Safety Policies by Discriminating Freeway Curve Alignment Features오철