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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Trade-Off Between Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Logistics Costs Based on Multiobjective Optimization김남석
2017-12Crash modeling for intersections and segments along corridors: A Bayesian multilevel joint model with random parameters박준영
2017-11Relationship between Efficiency of Bus Transit System and Subsidy, Using a Stochastic Cost Frontier Model강경우
2017-10Assessing the Impact of Traffic Crashes on Near Freeway Air Quality오철
2017-09Shockwave-Based Automated Vehicle Longitudinal Algorithm for Nonrecurrent Congestion Mitigation오철
2017-08Probabilistic Fatigue Life Updating for Railway Bridges Based on Local Inspection and Repair서원호
2017-05Is Vehicle Automation Enough to Prevent Crashes? Role of Traffic Operations in Automated Driving Environments for Traffic Safety오철
2017-06Risk analysis model for regional railroad investment서원호
2017-06Risk analysis model for regional railroad investment서선덕
2017-04A calibration procedure for increasing the accuracy of microscopic traffic simulation models서원호
2017-03Evaluating the Effectiveness of Active Vehicle Safety Systems오철
2017-01Integration of Heuristic and Statistical Methods for Estimation of Cyclist Injury Severity오철
2017-02Evaluating the Effects of Supplemental Rest Areas on Freeway Crashes Caused by Drowsy Driving오철
2017-02In-Depth Understanding of Lane Changing Interactions for In-Vehicle Driving Assistance Systems오철
2016-12Real-time data-driven traffic simulation for performance measure estimation서원호
2016-07Integration of BIM and GIS for Formal Representation of Walkability for Safe Routes to School Programs서원호
2016-06Safety benefits of integrated pedestrian protection systems오철
2016-06Proactive vehicle emissions quantification from crash potential under stop-and-go traffic conditions오철
2016-04Potential CO2 savings by increasing truck size: A Korean case study김남석
2016-03Application of locally weighted regression-based approach in correcting erroneous individual vehicle speed data오철