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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06Mathematical Analysis for Roundabout Capacity서원호
2018-04Correlation Analysis between Pavement Condition Indices in Korean Roads서영찬
2018-01Vision-based surveillance system for monitoring traffic conditions서원호
2018-01Dynamic data driven transportation systems서원호
2018-02Origin-destination trip table estimation based on subarea network OD flow and vehicle trajectory data서원호
2018-02Developing an algorithm to assess the rear-end collision risk under fog conditions using real-time data박준영
2018-01Effects of real-time warning systems on driving under fog conditions using an empirically supported speed choice modeling framework박준영
2018-01Development of a lane change risk index using vehicle trajectory data김성호
2008-05Assessing the Safety Benefits of An Advanced Vehicular Technology for Protecting Pedestrian오철
2008-04Development of Probabilistic Pedestrian Fatality Model for Characterizing Pedestrian-Vehicle Collisions오철
2008-04Neural-network-based cycle length design for real-time traffic control장명순
2014-12복잡한 운전환경에서 운전자의 시각에 영향을 주는 요소에 관한 연구서원호
2014-12거시-미시 순차적 교통시뮬레이션 방법과 부분상세지구의 동적 O/D추정김익기
2014-12혼합가중치기반 차내 경고정보시스템 통합평가지표 개발오철
2014-12Safety Impacts of Intervehicle Warning Information Systems for Moving Hazards in Connected Vehicle Environments오철
2014-12Assessing the Safety Benefit of Advanced Vehicular Technology for Protecting Pedestrians Pedestrian Protection Airbags오철
2014-12Marginal Benefit of Adding Antennas to Bluetooth Sensor Arrays in Freeway Travel Time Data Collection서원호
2008-03Lane-Changing gap acceptance model for freeway merging in simulation장명순
2009-12Assessment of CO(2) emissions for truck-only and rail-based intermodal freight systems in Europe김남석
2009-12Real-Time Detection of Hazardous Traffic Events on Freeways오철