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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12Investigation of the environmental performance of a transitional space in a UK nursery school이강준
2016-12Standardization, Calibration, and Evaluation of Tantalum-Nano rGO-SnO2 Composite as a Possible Candidate Material in Humidity Sensors이한승
2016-12Evaluation of Sustainable Structural Concrete Using Recycled Aggregate and Aramid Fiber Sheet조영상
2016-11Proposal of Environmental Impact Assessment Method for Concrete in South Korea: An Application in LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)태성호
2016-10The Impact of Multinational Business Diversification on the Financial Sustainability of Construction Firms in Korea안용한
2016-10Evaluation of compressive strength development and carbonation depth of high volume slag-blended concrete이한승
2016-08Extended framework of Hamilton's principle in heat diffusion이한승
2016-09Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures of Waste Water Treatment Reservoirs with Stainless Steel Coating Using Arc Thermal Spraying Technique in Acidified Water이한승
2016-09Flexural analysis of RC beam strengthened by partially de-bonded NSM FRP strip이문성
2016-08Life Cycle CO2 Assessment by Block Type Changes of Apartment Housing태성호
2016-08Optimum concentration of Bacillus megaterium for strengthening structural concrete이한승
2016-07Proposal for the Evaluation of Eco-Efficient Concrete태성호
2016-07A New Microstructure Development Model for the Evaluation of Concrete Setting Time안용한
2016-06Pore blocking characteristics of corrosion products formed on Aluminum coating produced by arc thermal metal spray process in 3.5 wt.% NaCl solution이한승
2016-06Building Simplified Life Cycle CO2 Emissions Assessment Tool (B-SCAT) to Support Low-Carbon Building Design in South Korea태성호
2016-05Suggestions of Policy Direction to Improve the Housing Quality in South Korea태성호
2016-05Evaluation of Bonding Shear Performance of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete with Increase in Delay in Formation of Cold Joints이한승
2016-05The Environmental Impact and Cost Analysis of Concrete Mixing Blast Furnace Slag Containing Titanium Gypsum and Sludge in South Korea태성호
2016-05Development of a building life cycle carbon emissions assessment program (BEGAS 2.0) for Korea's green building index certification system신성우
2016-04The development of an energy-efficient remodeling framework in South Korea안용한