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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Parametric analysis for cost-optimal renewable energy integration into residential buildings: Techno-economic model안용한
2018-08Analysis of the Primary Building Materials in Support of G-SEED Life Cycle Assessment in South Korea태성호
2018-08Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Shear Behavior of Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete Construction Joints이한승
2018-07Advanced Wireless Sensor Networks for Sustainable Buildings Using Building Ducts안용한
2018-05Analysis of Embodied Environmental Impacts of Korean Apartment Buildings Considering Major Building Materials태성호
2018-05Development of a Streamlined Environmental Life Cycle Costing Model for Buildings in South Korea태성호
2018-06Developing a Green Building Index (GBI) Certification System to Effectively Reduce Carbon Emissions in South Korea's Building Industry태성호
2018-06Development of Improved Frequency Expressions for Composite Horizontally Curved Bridges with High-Performance Steel Girders안용한
2018-06Corrosion mitigation of steel rebars in chloride contaminated concrete pore solution using inhibitor: An electrochemical investigation이한승
2018-06Damping property of prepacked concrete incorporating coarse aggregates coated with polyurethane이강석
2018-06A review of the philippine green building rating system, BERDE in comparison with G-SEED and LEED태성호
2018-01Influence of Zn and Mg Alloying on the Corrosion Resistance Properties of Al Coating Applied by Arc Thermal Spray Process in Simulated Weather Solution이한승
2008-10Incorporating built environment factors into climate change mitigation strategies for seoul, south korea: A sustainable urban systems framework신성우
2008-09A Study on the pH Value Changes of Blended Cement Paste according to the carbonation이한승
2008-09Numerical Simulation of Autogenous Shrinkage in High-Performance Cement Paste Based on a Multi-Component Hydration Model이한승
2008-09Experimental Study on the Water Penetration into Mortar under Water Pressure Condition이한승
2008-09Experimental Study on the Development of New Corrosion Inhibitor contained a lot of Ca(No2)2 using Concrete Structure이한승
2008-09Experimental Study on the Adhesion Properties of Zn-Al Metal Spray Method for Steel Structures이한승
2008-09Analytical Study on Chloride Ion Permeation of Reinforced Concrete Repaired by Finishing Material이한승
2008-09Analysis of Chloride Diffusion in Cracked Concrete이한승