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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-05저온환경하에서 단열처리 방법에 따른 단열거푸집의 열적성능에 관한 실험적 연구이한승
2015-01최적배근그룹 선정방법을 적용한 전단벽체의 자동배근 시스템 개발에 관한 연구조영상
2017-03Experimental research on development of heated form incorporating exothermic reaction powder to protect concrete in cold weather이한승
2017-09Introducing a model for evaluating concrete structure performance using deep convolutional neural network안용한
2017-10Experimental study on shear performance of plain construction joints integrated with ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)이한승
2017-10철골조 모듈러 유닛의 내화공법별 공장제작 생산성에 관한 연구 - 중층 주거시설 철골조 모듈러 유닛의 2시간 내화공법을 대상으로 -안용한
2017-12Construction process framework for a green building projects안용한
2018-01염해-내구성 설계 변수에 변동성에 따른 확률론적 보수비용 산정 분석이한승
2018-01A novel in-situ corrosion monitoring electrode for reinforced concrete structures이한승
2018-01Extraction of chloride from chloride contaminated concrete through electrochemical method using different anodes이한승
2018-01Durability performance of CNT and nanosilica admixed cement mortar이한승
2018-01Stress Corrosion Behavior of Ungrouted Pretensioned Concrete Beams이한승
2018-01A Study on the Analysis of CO2 Emissions of Apartment Housing in the Construction Process태성호
2018-02탄산화된 RC구조물의 표면보수에 대한 확률론적 LCC 평가이한승
2018-03Chloride-Binding Capacity of Portland Cement Paste Blended with Synthesized CA(2) (CaO center dot 2Al(2)O(3))이한승
2018-12Development of water-repellent cement mortar using silane enriched with nanomaterials이한승
2018-03Seismic Risk Assessment of Existing Low-rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Korea이강석
2018-04Chloride Ion Adsorption Capacity of Anion Exchange Resin in Cement Mortar이한승
2018-04Analysis of Heating and Cooling Loads of Electrochromic Glazing in High-Rise Residential Buildings in South Korea태성호
2018-04Time and cold joint effect on chloride diffusion in concrete containing GGBFS under various loading conditions이한승