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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Fabrication of a cerium-doped nickel ferrite solid-state reference electrode and its performance evaluation in concrete environment이한승
2017-11Long-term corrosion performance of blended cement concrete in the marine environment - A real-time study이한승
2017-10Study on the Shielding Effectiveness of an Arc Thermal Metal Spraying Method against an Electromagnetic Pulse이한승
2017-10Comparative Study of Strength and Corrosion Resistant Properties of Plain and Blended Cement Concrete Types이한승
2017-09Improvement of Early Strength of Cement Mortar Containing Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Using Industrial Byproducts이한승
2017-09Outdoor Thermal Comfort in a Transitional Space of Canopy in Schools in the UK이강준
2017-09Development of low carbon durability design for green apartment buildings in South Korea태성호
2017-09Integrated building life-cycle assessment model to support South Korea's green building certification system (G-SEED)태성호
2017-08Indirect tensile strength of UHSC reinforced with steel fibres and its correlation with compressive strength이문성
2017-07Fabrication and evaluation of a highly durable and reliable chloride monitoring sensor for civil infrastructure이한승
2017-06Evaluating the embodied environmental impacts of major building tasks and materials of apartment buildings in Korea태성호
2017-06An integrated assessment system for managing life cycle CO2 emissions of a building태성호
2017-05Prediction Model for the Carbonation of Post-Repair Materials in Carbonated RC Structures이한승
2017-05Zn-Al 아크 금속용사 피막을 적용한 구리분말 혼입 시멘트 모르타르의 전자파 차폐 성능 평가이한승
2017-05금속용사피막을 갖는 강재의 시멘트 모르타르 내 부식거동에 관한 실험적연구이한승
2017-05타펠 외삽법을 이용한 NaCl 및 LiNO2가 첨가된 철근 콘크리트의 방식성능 평가에 관한 실험적 연구이한승
2017-05상대밀도를 고려한 시멘트 페이스트 압축 강도에 관한 실험적 연구이한승
2017-05배합 인자를 고려한 Machine Learning Algorithm 기반 콘크리트 압축강도 추정 기법에 관한 연구이한승
2017-05인공경량골재 크기 및 혼입량에 따른 경량기포콘크리트의 물리적 성능 평가에 관한 실험적 연구이한승
2017-03Ozone Resistance, Water Permeability, and Concrete Adhesion of Metallic Films Sprayed on a Concrete Structure for Advanced Water Purification이한승