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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10Configuration Optimization for End-Point Stabilization of Redundant Manipulators With Base Flexibility안용한
2019-10Experimental Study on the Structural Performance Degradation of Corrosion-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams이강석
2019-11Numerical Study of Balancing between Indoor Building Energy and Outdoor Thermal Comfort with a Flexible Building Element이강준
2019-06The Impact of LEED-Energy Star Certified Office Buildings on the Market Values of Neighboring Areas in New York City안용한
2019-06Mechanical hysteresis model of a metal-wire Kagome truss for seismic strengthening for building systems이강석
2019-06Modelling and Controlling Unmanned Excavation Equipment on Construction Sites안용한
2019-06Assessments of Intuition and Efficiency: Remote Control of the End Point of Excavator in Operational Space by Using One Wrist안용한
2019-06Risk Identification and Assessment Methodology for Restoration Work Utilizing Unmanned Vehicles at Disaster Scenes안용한
2019-06Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Site Simulation Using Rigid Body Physics안용한
2019-09International Diversification and Performance of Construction Companies: Moderating Effect of Regional, Product, and Industry Diversifications안용한
2019-06LCC분석을 통한 모듈러 공공주택의 경제성분석 - 천안두정 모듈러 공공주택사례를 중심으로 -안용한
2019-05Business Models and Performance of International Construction Companies안용한
2019-05Home Modifications for Older People Cognitive Impairments: Mediation analysis of caregivers’ information needs and perceptions of fall risks안용한
2019-05BIM-Based Digital Fabrication Process for a Free-Form Building Project in South Korea안용한
2019-05Seismic-improved reinforced-concrete composite column using a high-ductile fiber cementitious composite precast box이강석
2019-05Preliminary Service Life Estimation Model for MEP Components Using Case-Based Reasoning and Genetic Algorithm안용한
2019-04Development of an Energy Saving Strategy Model for Retrofitting Existing Buildings: A Korean Case Study안용한
2019-03Probabilistic Maintenance Cost Analysis for Aged Multi-Family Housing안용한
2019-02유사동적실험에 의한 HSWF 외부접합공법으로 내진보강 된 실물 2층 철근콘크리트 골조의 내진성능 평가이강석
2019-02반복가력실험 및 비선형해석에 의한 내부접합형 철골프레임 내진보강공법의 내진성능이강석