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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-05Discussion of “Developing a Resource Supply Chain Planning System for Construction Projects” by H. Ping Tserng, Samuel Y. L. Yin, and Sherman LiBernold, Leonhard E.
2008-05Oceanobacillus caeni sp. nov., isolated from a Bacillus-dominated wastewater treatment system in Korea배우근
2008-04Influence of Climate Variation on Seasonal Precipitation in the Colorado River Basin김태웅
2008-04Variation in the chloride threshold level for steel corrosion in concrete arising from different chloride sources안기용
2008-03A Comparison of Two Innovative Technologies for Safe Pipe Installation - "Pipeman" and the Stewart-Gough Platform-Based Pipe ManipulatorBernold, Leonhard E.
2014-12연직 슬릿 유공벽의 벽두께가 파랑 반사 및 전달에 미치는 영향윤성범
2014-12폭풍해일과 강우에 의한 해안 도시 범람 수치모의윤성범
2014-12베이지안 네트워크를 이용한 기상학적 가뭄지수의 민감도 평가김태웅
2008-02Factors influencing chloride transport in concrete structures exposed to marine environments안기용
2008-02Engineering of Lunar BasesBernold, Leonhard E.
2008-01Evaluation of Clay Added Nonwovens as Filter in Waste Landfill유한규
2008-01Durability of recycled aggregate concrete using pozzolanic materials안기용
2009-11Simulation of tunnel response under spatially varying ground motion곽동엽
2009-10Numerical simulations using momentum source wave-maker applied to RANS equation model윤성범
2009-10Analysis of water conservation and wastewater treatment options in the Geum River basin, south Korea김태웅
2009-06Modeling kinetics of ammonium oxidation and nitrite oxidation under simultaneous inhibition by free ammonia and free nitrous acid배우근
2009-06Probabilistic assessment to predict the time to corrosion of steel in reinforced concrete tunnel box exposed to sea water안기용
2009-05Effect of oxidized leachate on degradation of lignin by sulfate-reducing bacteria김문일
2009-05Effect of oxidized leachate on degradation of lignin by sulfate-reducing bacteria배우근
2009-01The importance of chloride content at the concrete surface in assessing the time to corrosion of steel in concrete structures안기용