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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08Review of Rock-Mass Rating and Tunneling Quality Index Systems for Tunnel Design: Development, Refinement, Application and Limitation유한규
2018-08Assessment of Probabilistic Multi-Index Drought Using a Dynamic Naive Bayesian Classifier김태웅
2018-07Bottom-up heating method for producing polyethylene lunar concrete in lunar environment이태식
2018-07Performance Assessment of a Developed Brake Frame Based on the Application of a Proposed Equivalent Model in a Net Protection System for Debris Flow유한규
2018-07Impact of Shear Zone on Rockburst in the Deep Neelum-Jehlum Hydropower Tunnel: A Numerical Modeling Approach유한규
2018-07Laboratory and numerical experiments on stem waves due to monochromatic waves along a vertical wall윤성범
2018-05Assessment of Durability of Concrete Structure Subject to Carbonation with Application of Safety Factor안기용
2018-05Empirical Evaluation of Rock Mass Rating and Tunneling Quality Index System for Tunnel Support Design유한규
2018-04Corrosion Risk of Reinforced Concrete Structure Arising from Internal and External Chloride안기용
2018-04Numerical Prediction of Chloride Penetration in Concrete Exposed to a Marine Environment at Tide안기용
2018-03The Structure and Knowledge Flow of Building Information Modeling Based on Patent Citation Network Analysis이태식
2018-03Bottom-up heating method for producing polyethylene lunar concrete in lunar environment안기용
2018-02Analysis of the Intellectual Structure of Human Space Exploration Research Using a Bibliometric Approach: Focus on Human Related Factors이태식
2018-02REV Application in DEM Analysis of Non-Vibrational Rock Splitting Method to Propose Feasible Borehole Spacing유한규
2018-01Risk of chloride-induced corrosion of steel in SF concrete exposed a chloride bearing environment안기용
2018-01Probabilistic assessment of meteorological drought over South Korea under RCP scenarios using a hidden Markov model김태웅
2008-12Weatherability Assessment of Woven Geotextiles for Soft Ground Improvement유한규
2008-11Mitigating effect of chloride ions on sulfate attack of cement mortars with or without silica fume안기용
2008-10Propagation characteristics of historical tsunamis that attacked the east coast of Korea윤성범
2008-11Development of chloride binding capacity in cement pastes and influence of the pH of hydration products안기용