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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-08V2V 기반 교통정보 수집체계 설계 및 요구사항 분석오철
2018-10Validation 데이터의 오차율을 이용한 DNN기반 콘크리트 압축강도 예측 모델의 성능 검증에 대한 기초적 연구이한승
2006-01The validity and reliability of measurement of thoracic kyphosis using flexible ruler in postural hyper-kyphotic patientsParnianpour, Mohammad
2018-10Valuation of Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts in Korea Using the Collar Option Model안용한
2016-12Vanishing point detection using random forest and patch-wise weighted soft voting신현철
2017-03Vapor phase synthesis of TaS2 nanocrystals with iodine as transport agent안지훈
2005-09Variable-rate space-time block coded OFDMA with power optimization김동우
2019-11Variation in Crystallographic Orientation and Twinning Activation with Size of Individual Grains in Rolled Magnesium Alloy윤종헌
2015-08Variation in the Chemical Driving Force for Intragranular Nucleation in the Multi-pass Weld Metal of Ti-Containing High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel박주현
2008-04Variation in the chloride threshold level for steel corrosion in concrete arising from different chloride sources안기용
2019-11Variational Inference for 3-D Localization and Tracking of Multiple Targets Using Multiple Cameras이민식
2008-11Vector Pursuit 경로 추종 알고리즘을 이용한 Nonholonomic 이동 로봇의 안전 선회에 관한 연구한창수
2007-10Vector quantization-block constrained trellis coded quantization of speech line spectral frequencies강상원
2016-11Vehicle Black BOx with 24GHz FMCW Radar임준홍
2019-09Vehicle crash optimization considering a roof crush test and a side impact test박경진
2006-10Vehicle routing scheduling for cross-docking in the supply chain이영해
2019-07A Vehicle Speed Harmonization Strategy for Minimizing Inter-Vehicle Crash Risks오철
2018-12Vertical and horizontal distribution of regional new particle formation events in Madrid안강호
2015-12Vertical Flow Lithography for Fabrication of 3D Anisotropic Particles이원철
2015-12Vibration Analysis of a Deploying and Spinning Beam with a Time-dependent Spinning Speed정진태