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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Safety benefits of integrated pedestrian protection systems오철
2016-03Safety effects of widening shoulders on rural multilane roads: Developing crash modification functions with multivariate adaptive regression splines박준영
2017-06A Sag Compensator That Eliminates the Possibility of Inrush Current While Powering Transformer-Coupled Loads권병일
2008-07Scalable Shape Analysis for Systems Code이욱세
2017-12Scalable, sub 2μm pitch, Cu/SiCN to Cu/SiCN hybrid wafer-to-wafer bonding technology김태곤
2008-06Seasonal and spatial characteristics of seawater and sediment at Youngil bay, Southeast Coast of Korea배우근
2015-06SECFR 시스템의 차량적용을 위한 분무균일도향상에 관한 연구이기형
2015-09Secrecy analysis of multiuser downlink wiretap networks with opportunistic schedulingJin, Hu
2017-09Secure Utilization of Beacons and UAVs in Emergency Response Systems for Building Fire Hazard서승현
2017-06Security-Enhanced Push Button Configuration for Home Smart Control박태준
2018-03Seismic Risk Assessment of Existing Low-rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Korea이강석
2015-07Selection of IGBTs for Controlling Rectifier and Inverter Based Upon a Novel Analytical Approach for Loss Calculation권병일
2016-04Selective dispersion of single-walled carbon nanotubes by binaphthyl-based conjugated polymers: Integrated experimental and simulation approach김종호
2016-11Selectively tunable optical Stark effect of anisotropic excitons in atomically thin ReS2심상완
2018-07Self-assembled stretchable photonic crystal for a tunable color filter홍석준
2017-10Self-folding Structural Design Using Multiscale Analysis on the Light-absorption Folding Behaviour of Polystyrene Sheet최준명
2016-04Semi-manual mastoidectomy assisted by human-robot collaborative control - A temporal bone replica study이병주
2017-10A semi-supervised inattention detection method using biological signal신동민
2015-12Sensor-based exploration for planar two-identical-link robots이지영
2016-03Sensor-based exploration for planar two-identical-link robots신규식