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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04Quality improvement and backorder price discount under controllable lead time in an inventory modelSarkar, Biswajit
2017-01Quantitative evaluation of free CaO in electric furnace slag using the ethylene glycol method이한승
2017-05A Quatro-Based 65-nm Flip-Flop Circuit for Soft-Error Resilience백상현
2015-01"Microstructural, optical and electrical transport properties of WO3 nanoparticles coated polypyrrole hybrid nanocomposites"이선영
2017-11Random Access Performance of Distributed Sensors Attacked by Unknown Jammers김동우
2017-05Rapid and Effective Electrical Conductivity Improvement of the Ag NW-Based Conductor by Using the Laser-Induced Nano-Welding Process홍석준
2015-07Rate-dependent hardening model for pure titanium considering the effect of deformation twinning윤종헌
2016-11Reaction kinetics and phase transformation during hydrogen reduction of spherical Fe2O3 nanopowder agglomerates이재성
2016-12Real-time data-driven traffic simulation for performance measure estimation서원호
2016-12A real-time decision model for industrial load management in a smart grid홍승호
2015-09Real-time single image dehazing using block-to-pixel interpolation and adaptive dark channel prior신현철
2016-11Recovery of iron and removal of hazardous elements from waste copper slag via a novel aluminothermic smelting reduction (ASR) process박주현
2009-04Recovery of nitric acid from waste etching solution using solvent extraction배우근
2017-09Recursive Pseudo-Bayesian Access Class Barring for M2M Communications in LTE SystemsJin, Hu
2015-05Recycling of Petroleum Refinery Catalysts for Ferro-Alloy Production박종진
2009-03Reduced Electrical Defects and Improved Reliability of Atomic-Layer-Deposited HfO2 Dielectric Films by In Situ NH3 Injection박태주
2015-01Reduced graphene oxide composites with MWCNTs and single crystalline hematite nanorhombohedra for applications in water purification이선영
2016-05Reduced impurities and improved electrical properties of atomic-layer-deposited HfO2 film grown at a low temperature (100 degrees C) by Al2O3 incorporation박태주
2009-03Reduction investigation of WO3/NiO/Fe2O3 and synthesis of nanocrystalline ternary W-Ni-Fe alloy박종진
2009-05Refolding of single-chain Fv by use of an antigen-coupled columnKatoh, Shigeo