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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06On Fair Resource Sharing in Downlink Coordinated Multi-Point SystemsHu Jin
2009-06On the optimal sum-capacity growth of ZFBF with quality based channel reporting in multiuser downlink channels김동우
2015-03An On-Line UPS System that Eliminates the Inrush Current Phenomenon While Feeding Multiple Load Transformers권병일
2015-01-15One-dimensional nanostructures based bio-detection좌용호
2017-06Operational characteristics on cylindrical steam reformer thermally coupled with a combustor이도형
2016-07Opportunistic Downlink Scheduling With Resource-Based Fairness and Feedback Reduction in Distributed Antenna SystemsHu Jin
2015-12Opportunistic Interference Alignment for Random Access NetworksHu Jin
2016-12Optimal batch quantity in a cleaner multi-stage lean production system with random defective rateBiswajit Sarkar
2017-02Optimal buffer inventory and inspection errors in an imperfect production system with preventive maintenanceBiswajit Sarkar
2016-01Optimal Design of a New Interior Permanent Magnet Motor Using a Flared-Shape Arrangement of Ferrite Magnets권병일
2016-07Optimal Design of a New Interior Permanent Magnet Motor Using a Flared-Shape Arrangement of Ferrite Magnets권병일
2015-03Optimal Design of a Novel Asymmetrical Rotor Structure to Obtain Torque and Efficiency Improvement in Surface Inset PM Motors권병일
2017-01Optimal Design of a Spoke-type Permanent Magnet Motor with Phase-group Concentrated-coil Windings to Minimize Torque Pulsations권병일
2017-08Optimal design of groove shape on passive micromixer using design of experiment technique윤준용
2017-03Optimal design of motor shape and magnetisation direction to obtain vibration reduction and average torque improvement in IPM BLDC motor권병일
2016-09Optimal design of spoke type motor to improve the torque constant and minimize torque ripple권병일
2017-11Optimal Design of Wound Field Synchronous Reluctance Machines to Improve Torque by Increasing the Saliency Ratio권병일
2017-11Optimal Pricing and Power Allocation for Collaborative Jamming with Full Channel Knowledge in Wireless Sensor Networks김동우
2016-10Optimal replenishment policy with variable deterioration for fixed-lifetime productsBiswajit Sarkar
2009-04Optimal rotor design for reducing the partial demagnetization effect and cogging torque in spoke type PM motor권병일