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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-10L-arginine 혼입 환경활성 모르타르의 부착조류 생장 촉진에 관한 실험적 연구이한승
2016-08L-모멘트법을 이용한 지역홍수빈도분석을 통한 금강유역 미계측 유역의 설계홍수량 산정김태웅
2018-07Laboratory and numerical experiments on stem waves due to monochromatic waves along a vertical wall윤성범
2019-09Laboratory and numerical experiments on stem waves due to random waves윤성범
2006-08A Laboratory Course in Real-Time Software for the Control of Dynamic Systems임동진
2008-11λ/4 흡수층 구조를 갖는 NDIR 이산화탄소 가스 센서용 적외선센서의 제조 및 특성남태운
2017-05A laminar flow-based single stack of flow-over planar microfluidic fuel cells안유민
2017-03A laminar flow-based single stack of flow-over planar microfluidic fuel cells이성환
2015-01Lane Bias Issues in Work Zone Travel Time Measurement and Reporting서원호
2018-01Lane Recognition Algorithm using Lane Shape and Color Features for Vehicle Black Box임준홍
2008-03Lane-Changing gap acceptance model for freeway merging in simulation장명순
2007-10Langmuir 미끄럼 경계조건을 이용한 미소채널 내의 Slip Velocity 및 Temperature-jump의 수치해석이도형
2016-08Lanthanides-based graphene catalysts for high performance hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction이정호
2018-07Large-area and cost-effective fabrication of Ag-coated polymeric nanopillar array for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy유봉영
2017-05Large-Area Compatible Laser Sintering Schemes with a Spatially Extended Focused Beam홍석준
2018-11Large-scale disaster waste management under uncertain environmentSarkar, Biswajit
2018-10Large-scale synthesis and medical applications of uniform-sized metal oxide nanoparticles김도균
2018-04Large-scale synthesis of lead telluride (PbTe) nanotube-based nanocomposites with tunable morphology, crystallinity and thermoelectric properties좌용호
2005-07Laser Shock Removal of Nanoparticles from Si Capping Layer of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Masks박진구
2019-06Laser-stimulated birefringence of Ga2O3-La2S2.95Se0.05 glasses for optical recording of information박태준