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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04G-SEED 내의 건축물 전과정평가 지원을 위한 주요건축자재 기반 환경영향 분석태성호
2018-05γ-C₂S 혼입 시멘트 모르타르의 공극구조 및 탄산화 저항성 평가이한승
2017-01Gap size effect on the tribological characteristics of the roller for deep-sea mining robot배대성
2009-06A gas nanosensor unaffected by humidity유봉영
2015-07Gaussian Mixture Measurement for Very Long Range Tracking송택렬
2016-09Gaussian mixture presentation of measurements for long-range radar tracking송택렬
2017-01Generalised fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm with local information이동호
2018-06Generalised kernel weighted fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm with local information이동호
2017-02Generalized fuzzy treesBiswajit Sarkar, Biswajit
2008-04Grain refinement of pure vanadium by equal channel angular pressing신동혁
2015-05Graphene-templated directional growth of an inorganic nanowire이원철
2009-10Grasping Algorithm for Varied Objects이병주
2009-10Grasping Algorithm for Varied Objects최영진
2016-12Greedy Successive Anchorization for Localizing Machine Type Communication Devices김동우
2015-12Green Template for Life Cycle Assessment of Buildings Based on Building Information Modeling: Focus on Embodied Environmental Impact태성호
2015-11Group multi-criteria supplier selection using combined grey systems theory and uncertainty theory이영해
2016-03Handling Subject Arm Uncertainties for Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot using Robust Sliding Mode Control한창수
2017-03HCl removal characteristics of calcium hydroxide at the dry-type sorbent reaction accelerator using municipal waste incinerator flue gas at a real site김희택
2015-01Health surveillance study of workers who manufacture multi-walled carbon nanotubes안강호
2015-05Heat dissipation properties of oxide layers formed on 7075 Al alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation신동혁