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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11A3C 깊은 강화학습을 이용한 다수의 의존적 창고 재고관리 스케줄링허선
2018-09Abrasive wear in punching pin with cryogenic treatment for GPa-grade steels윤종헌
2017-06Absolute nodal coordinate formulation of tetrahedral solid element양현익
2017-10AC Black-Box 아크 모델의 DC 차단기 모델링 적용성 평가이방욱
2007-11AC 전압하에 Dry-air, N2/O2 합성가스, N2 가스의 절연특성 비교 분석구자윤
2018-12ACC 장착 차량 운전자의 시스템 개입특성 및 주행안정성 분석오철
2017-08Accelerating implicit integration in multi-body dynamics using GPU computing배대성
2019-06Accurate Driver Detection Exploiting Invariant Characteristics of Smartphone Sensors신규식
2019-06Accurate Driver Detection Exploiting Invariant Characteristics of Smartphone Sensors박태준
2017-09Acoustic emission characteristics of methacrylate-based composite and silorane-based composite during dental restoration according to a variety of C-factor최낙삼
2006-08Active anti-islanding method for PV system using reactive power control김희준
2008-06Active geometry control suspension system for the enhancement of vehicle stability한창수
2005-06Active homing performance enhancement with multiple model radome slope estimation송택렬
2017-02Active Precharge Hammering to Monitor Displacement Damage Using High-Energy Protons in 3x-nm SDRAM백상현
2015-05Active vehicle protection using angle and time-to-go information from high-resolution infrared sensors송택렬
2017-04Activity-Aware Sensor Cycling for Human Activity Monitoring in Smart Homes박태준
2019-07Adaptation to Environmental Change using Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Salamander최영진
2018-01Adaptive Analog Function Computation via Fading Multiple-Access Channels전상운
2018-06An adaptive approach for determining batch sizes using the hidden Markov model신동민
2019-02Adaptive Density Control for Effective Overlap Removal in Analytical Floorplanning신현철