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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05Development of a building life cycle carbon emissions assessment program (BEGAS 2.0) for Korea's green building index certification system신성우
2016-02Development of a green road rating system for South Korea안용한
2015-08Development of a new composite drought index for multivariate drought assessment김태웅
2017-03Development of a New Neurosurgical 5-DOF Parallel Robot for Stereotactic DBS Operations이병주
2015-01Development of a novel two-limbed parallel mechanism having Schonflies motion신규식
2016-03Development of a partial discharge detection algorithm and verification test for extra-high-voltage cable system구자윤
2016-02Development of a Resource Allocation Model Using Competitive Advantage안선응
2016-10Development of a Wearable Robotic Positioning System for Noninvasive Transcranial Focused Ultrasound Stimulation이성온
2016-04The development of an energy-efficient remodeling framework in South Korea안용한
2016-04Development of an underactuated exoskeleton for effective walking and load-carrying assist한창수
2017-05Development of real-time gait phase detection system for a lower extremity exoskeleton robot한창수
2015-07Development of titanium oxide layer containing nanocrystalline zirconia particles with tetragonal structure: Structural and biological characteristics신동혁
2015-05Dielectric characteristics of a barium titanate film deposited by Nano Particle Deposition System (NPDS)이선영
2016-10Digital selective laser methods for nanomaterials: From synthesis to processing홍석준
2015-05Direct Identification of On-Bead Peptides Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Barcoding System for High-Throughput Bioanalysis김종호
2015-01Distributed (Nonlinear) Target Tracking in Clutter송택렬
2016-02Dithering Loopback-Based Prediction Technique for Mixed-Signal Embedded System Specifications김병호
2016-12Dual rotor flux switching permanent magnet machines with phase-group concentrated-coil windings for high performance권병일
2015-05Dual-stator Two-phase Permanent Magnet Machines with Phase-group Concentrated-coil Windings for Torque Enhancement권병일
2015-11Dual-Stator Two-Phase Permanent Magnet Machines With Phase-Group Concentrated-Coil Windings for Torque Enhancement권병일