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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-04CAE(Computer aided engineering) driven durability model verification for the automotive structure development한창수
2008-03Calculating the Forces Created by an Electrodynamic Wheel using a 2D Steady-State Finite Element MethodLipo, Thomas Anthony
2017-09Calibration of hoop stress in ring tensile test with Zircaloy-4 tube윤종헌
2017-04A calibration procedure for increasing the accuracy of microscopic traffic simulation models서원호
2008-06Capability and recruitment patterns of trunk during isometric uniaxial and biaxial upright exertionParnianpour, Mohammad
2017-01A capacitorless low-dropout regulator with enhanced slew rate and 4.5-μA quiescent current노정진
2017-01CarrierMix: How Much Can User-side Carrier Mixing Help?이주현
2017-03CAS: Context-Aware Background Application Scheduling in Interactive Mobile Systems이주현
2016-10Case study on risk evaluation of printed electronics using nanosilver ink안강호
2015-10Case Study on Risk Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticle Exposure from Antibacterial Sprays Containing Silver Nanoparticles안강호
2015-04Catalyst-free hydrogen evolution of Si photocathode by thermovoltage-driven solar water splitting이정호
2009-06Cavitation damage incorporating cavity growth in submicrometer-grained titanium alloy신동혁
2016-05CDF-Based Scheduling Algorithm for Proportional Throughput FairnessHu Jin
2017-03Cell formation in a cellular manufacturing system using simulation integrated hybrid genetic algorithm강창욱
2008-04Cellulose Nano Whiskers From Grass of Korea이선영
2017-03Certificateless Cryptographic Protocols for Efficient Drone-Based Smart City Applications서승현
2016-08The characteristic of spray using diesel water emulsified fuel in a diesel engine이기형
2016-02Characteristics of copper meshes coated with carbon nanotubes via electrophoretic deposition박진석
2015-12Characteristics of silver meshes coated with carbon nanotubes via spray-coating and electrophoretic deposition for touch screen panels박진석
2009-04Characterization and Acoustic Emission Monitoring of AFM Nanomachining이성환