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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Efficacy of In2S3 interfacial recombination barrier layer in PbS quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells박태주
2015-10Efficient deinterlacing method using simple edge slope tracing이동호
2016-03Electrical and physicochemical properties of atomic-layer-deposited HfO2 film on Si substrate with interfacial layer grown by nitric acid oxidation박태주
2016-02Electrospun uniaxially-aligned composite nanofibers as highly-efficient piezoelectric material이선영
2016-02Elimination of the Inrush Current Phenomenon Associated with Single-Phase Offline UPS Systems권병일
2015-12Emission evaluation of inter-vehicle safety warning information systems오철
2015-07Encapsulated Urea-Kaolinite Nanocomposite for Controlled Release Fertilizer Formulations김희택
2015-07Energy Minimization and Ammonia Abatement for CO2 Capture Using a Blend of Ammonia and 2-Amino-2-Methyl-1-Propanol Solution김우승
2015-01Energy Sensitive Bandpass Filter to Protect Ku-Band LNAs from HPEM Threats양성일
2015-06Energy-Efficient Approximate Multiplication for Digital Signal Processing and Classification Applications박태준
2015-06Ensemble hydrological prediction of streamflow percentile at ungauged basins in Pakistan김태웅
2015-05Estimation of compressive strength of concrete structures using the ultrasonic pulse velocity method and spectral analysis of surface wave method조영상
2015-10Evaluating risks using simulated annealing and Building Information Modeling서선덕
2015-10Evaluating risks using simulated annealing and Building Information Modeling서원호
2015-12Evaluation of CO2 emission-absorption of fly-ash-blended concrete structures using cement-hydration-based carbonation model이한승
2015-09Evaluation of effectiveness of methyl methacrylate as retarder additive in polymer concrete이한승
2016-03Evaluation of the Carbon Dioxide Uptake of Slag-Blended Concrete Structures, Considering the Effect of Carbonation이한승
2015-01Evaluation of video detection system as a traffic data collection method서원호
2015-12Evaluation of video detection system as a traffic data collection method서원호
2015-11Evolution of a parsimonious rainfall-runoff model using soil moisture proxies김태웅