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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11A 10-bit 200-MS/s Zero-Crossing-Based Pipeline ADC in 0.13-mu m CMOS Technology김병호
2015-10A 10-MHz multi-bit MASH delta-sigma modulator with analog summing interstage노정진
2015-0713.2% efficiency Si nanowire/PEDOT:PSS hybrid solar cell using a transfer-imprinted Au mesh electrode이정호
2016-1028-Day inhalation toxicity of graphene nanoplatelets in Sprague-Dawley rats안강호
2017-05A 3-DOF quick-action parallel manipulator based on four linkage mechanisms with high-speed cam신규식
2017-05A 3-DOF quick-action parallel manipulator based on four linkage mechanisms with high-speed cam한창수
2016-01A 32 000 r/min Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine for Energy Storage With Mechanical Stress Analysis권병일
2016-07A 32,000 rev/min Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Machine for Energy storage with Mechanical Stress Analysis권병일
2017-033D customized and flexible tactile sensor using a piezoelectric nanofiber mat and sandwich-molded elastomer sheets윤종헌
2015-065-Day repeated inhalation and 28-day post-exposure study of graphene안강호
2016-09A 65 nm Temporally Hardened Flip-Flop Circuit백상현
2017-02Active Precharge Hammering to Monitor Displacement Damage Using High-Energy Protons in 3x-nm SDRAM백상현
2015-05Active vehicle protection using angle and time-to-go information from high-resolution infrared sensors송택렬
2017-04Activity-Aware Sensor Cycling for Human Activity Monitoring in Smart Homes박태준
2015-05Adaptive Impedance Control for Upper Limb Assist Exoskeleton한창수
2015-12Adaptive rapidly-exploring random tree for efficient path planning of high-degree-of-freedom articulated robots한창수
2015-01AE analysis of delamination crack propagation in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer materials최낙삼
2016-05An Affordance-Based Model of Human Action Selection in a Human-Machine Interaction System with Cognitive Interpretations신동민
2017-02Ag/Au/Polypyrrole Core-shell Nanowire Network for Transparent, Stretchable and Flexible Supercapacitor in Wearable Energy Devices홍석준
2017-02An alternative approach to measure alpha-particle-induced SEU cross-section for flip-chip packaged SRAM devices: High energy alpha backside irradiation백상현