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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Progress in the biosensing techniques for trace-level heavy metalsDeep, Akash
2015-12Influence of clay minerals on sorption and bioreduction of arsenic under anoxic conditions전병훈
2015-12도시의 물리적 환경이 시간대별 대기온도에 미치는 영향 분석 : 천공개폐율을 중심으로이수기
2015-12Perchlorate reduction from a highly concentrated aqueous solution by bacterium Rhodococcus sp YSPW03전병훈
2015-12도시열섬현상과 사회적 취약계층의 공간적 분포 특성분석이수기
2015-12국토공간의 효율적 활용을 위한 연안평가지표의 중요도분석이주형
2015-12예비 고령자의 경제적 은퇴계획에 따른 고령자 주택선택에 관한 연구이주형
2015-12국가연구개발사업에 있어서 제도적 차원의 개방형 평가 시스템 모델링에 관한 연구 : 클린평가시스템을 중심으로이욱
2015-12A study on improvement of discharge characteristic by using a transformer in a capacitively coupled plasma정진욱
2015-12The sheath effect on the floating harmonic method정진욱
2015-12Real-time dielectric-film thickness measurement system for plasma processing chamber wall monitoring정진욱
2015-12Low temperature chip on film bonding technology for 20 mu m pitch applications김영호
2015-12냉동 후막 성형에 의한 다공성 Al2O3 필름 제조김영도
2015-12방전 플라즈마 소결(Spark Plasma Sintering) 방법에 의해 제조된 Nb-Si-B계 합금의 미세조직 특성김영도
2015-12Evaluation of the effect of B and N on the microstructure of 9Cr-2W steel during an aging treatment for SFR fuel cladding tubes김영도
2015-12Electricity generation and recovery of iron hydroxides using a single chamber fuel cell with iron anode and air-cathode for electrocoagulation박주양
2015-12Comparison of O3+ GAC, O3+H2O2+GAC, and GAC unit operation on natural organic matter and taste and odor causing compounds removal using a pilot plant study조용식
2015-12Nonlinear Damping Control for Interconnected Nonlinear Systems정정주
2015-12Integral Sliding Mode Control for Type 2 STATCOM Systems via Input-Output Linearization with Dynamic Extension정정주
2015-12Hydrogen-rich water revealed benefits in controlling the physical and mechanical performances of cement mortar조병완