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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11Systematic Dynamic Modeling of an Integrated Single-stage Power Converter김래영
2015-11Design procedure for minmimizing conduction loss for ZCT PWM boost converter김래영
2015-11A novel switching loss minimization method for single-phase flying-capacitor multilevel inverter김래영
2015-11Design consideration of CC-CV controller of LLC resonant converter for Li-ion battery charger김래영
2015-11A rotor position estimation method in stationary reference frame of high frequency rotating voltage signal injection IPMSM sensorless control김래영
2015-11Design of Torque Actuator in Hybrid Multi-DOF System Considering Magnetic Saturation이주
2015-11L-C 공진형 자여자 와전류 브레이크의 파라미터 추출 방법 및 특성연구이주
2015-11보조 공기 압축기 내 BLDC전동기의 위치센서 오류 보상 제어이주
2015-11스크린도어용 다이렉트 드라이브 모터 성능개선을 위한 자기식 센서의 고조파 저감 연구이주
2015-11슈퍼프리미엄(IE4)급 유도전동기 대체용 동기 릴럭턴스 전동기 고효율 설계연구이주
2015-11Inductance Calculation of Flux Concentrating Permanent Magnet Motor through Nonlinear Magnetic Equivalent Circuit이주
2015-11Feasibility study on the fatigue characteristics of the reinforced CFS with self-healing repair methods for RC slabs조병완
2015-11Indium oxide thin film prepared by low temperature atomic layer deposition using liquid precursors and ozone oxidant박진성
2015-11Stability Improvement of In-Sn-Ga-O Thin-Film Transistors at Low Annealing Temperatures박진성
2015-11The effect of nitrogen incorporation in Ge-In-Ga-O semiconductor and the associated thin film transistors박진성
2015-11Atomic layer deposition of highly conductive indium oxide using a liquid precursor and water oxidant박진성
2015-11Damage states of cut-and-cover tunnels under seismic excitation박두희
2015-11Fabrication of ultrathin, free-standing, transparent and conductive graphene/multiwalled carbon nanotube film with superior optoelectronic propertiesVANISH KUMAR
2015-11Correlation between Inter-Blink Interval and Episodic Encoding during Movie Watching임창환
2015-11Morphology Effect on Enhanced Li+-Ion Storage Performance for Ni2+/3+ and/or Co2+/(3+) Doped LiMnPO4 Cathode Nanoparticles박진성