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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-10Optimization of Multi-Channel BCH Error Decoding for Common Case오현옥
2015-10Advanced control strategy for electric power steering system to improve steering assist torque stability이형철
2015-10Estimating desired yaw rate and control strategy analysis on developed air ESC system for performance evaluation이형철
2015-10Sliding Mode Controller for Sawyer Motors based on singular perturbation theory정정주
2015-10H_inf Control Based on LPV for Load Torque Compensation of PMSM정정주
2015-10Lateral Control for Autonomous Lane Keeping System on Highways정정주
2015-10A Sliding Mode Based Model Predictive Control Structure for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor정정주
2015-10Production Analysis of a Shale Gas Reservoir Using Modified Deconvolution Method in the Presence of Sorption Phenomena성원모
2015-10Modeling Multi-Stage Twisted Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in Shale Reservoirs Considering Geomechanical Factors성원모
2015-10Graphene as an Interfacial Layer for Improving Cycling Performance of Si Nanowires in Lithium-Ion Batteries박원일
2015-10Terahertz Quantum Plasmonics of Nanoslot Antennas in Nonlinear Regime전형탁
2015-10유비쿼터스 센서 네트워크 기반의 지능화된 교량 점검시스템 구축 방안조병완
2015-10댐의 Web 2.0 스마트 유지관리 방안 연구조병완
2015-10도로교 RC상판의 보강, 보수 발전 방향의 모색에 관한 연구조병완
2015-10영상처리기법을 이용한 구조물 동특성 분석 기법조병완
2015-10사물인터넷 기반 스마트 건설현장 관리 어플리케이션 및 웹 구축조병완
2015-10Statistical Recovery of Simultaneously Sparse Time-Varying Signals From Multiple Measurement Vectors최준원
2015-10Hydration study of the polymer modified jute fibre reinforced cement paste using analytical techniques조병완
2015-10The ultimate solution for smartphone spyware이욱
2015-10New imaging condition of elastic reverse-time migration for converted waves변중무