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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-10Improvement of Gas Sensing Characteristics by Adding Pt Nanoparticles on ZnO-Branched SnO2 Nanowires김현우
2015-10The role of hydrogen in hardening/softening steel: Influence of the charging process장재일
2015-10Knowledge trade and sharing in knowledge management system안종창
2015-10Associations between serotonin transporter gene (SLC6A4) methylation and clinical characteristics and cortical thickness in children with ADHD이종민
2015-10Amyloid Beta-Weighted Cortical Thickness: A New Imaging Biomarker in Alzheimer's Disease이종민
2015-10Nigrostriatal dopamine-independent resting-state functional networks in Parkinson's disease이종민
2015-10Association of Body Fat Percentage and Waist-hip Ratio With Brain Cortical Thickness A Study Among 1777 Cognitively Normal Subjects이종민
2015-10스위칭 주파수 신호 주입 IPMSM 센서리스 제어를 위한 회전 행렬 기반의 새로운 위치 오차 추정 기법김래영
2015-10High surface area, mesoporous carbon for low-polarization, catalyst-free lithium oxygen battery윤종승
2015-10Effect of Lithium in Transition Metal Layers of Ni-Rich Cathode Materials on Electrochemical Properties윤종승
2015-10측정불확도를 고려한 배터리 교환형 전기버스용 접속기 접촉저항 평가에 관한 연구이주
2015-10도시철도차량용 IPMSM의 Magnet Segment 변화에 따른특성 분석에 관한 연구이주
2015-10Improvement in the Positive Bias Temperature Stability of SnOx-Based Thin Film Transistors by Hf and Zn Doping전형탁
2015-10Stabilisation of asymmetrically structured back-to-back static synchronous compensator system with non-linear damping control정정주
2015-10Effectiveness of carbonated lime as a raw material in producing a CO2-stored cementitious material by the hydrothermal method조병완
2015-10Photochemical Hydrogen Doping Induced Embedded Two-Dimensional Metallic Channel Formation in InGaZnO at Room Temperature최덕균
2015-10Failure Analysis of a Nickel-Plated Electronic Connector Due to Salt-Induced Corrosion (ENGE 2014)최덕균
2015-10다단계 수압파쇄균열 전파 모델링 연구성원모
2015-10Characterization of Mn-Based Self-Forming Barriers on Low-k Samples With or Without UV Curing Treatment박종완
2015-10Improvement in the Positive Bias Temperature Stability of SnOx-Based Thin Film Transistors by Hf and Zn Doping박종완