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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01Optimized well configuration of gas-assisted gravity drainage process이근상
2016-01A cost-benefit analysis for the institutionalization of the green certification scheme: the case of the development of the Sinjung district in Seoul, Korea김홍배
2016-01Insecticides induced biochemical changes in freshwater microalga Chlamydomonas mexicana전병훈
2016-01Intracoronary dual-modal optical coherence tomography-near-infrared fluorescence structural-molecular imaging with a clinical dose of indocyanine green for the assessment of high-risk plaques and stent-associated inflammation in a beating coronary artery유홍기
2016-01Data Mining in Intelligent SSD: Simulation-Based Evaluation오현옥
2016-01Triboelectric generator for wearable devices fabricated using a casting method김선정
2016-01Dynamic phase-control of a rising sun magnetron using modulated and continuous currentLin, Ming-Chieh
2016-01Phosphorous adsorption on synthesized magnetite in wastewater김종오
2016-01Control of valley degeneracy in MoS2 by layer thickness and electric field and its effect on thermoelectric properties박진성
2016-01Design and fabrication of an optical probe with a phase filter for extended depth of focus유홍기
2016-01Biothermal sensing of a torsional artificial muscle김선정
2016-01Study on divertor particle and heat fluxes from electric probe measurements during ELMy H-modes in KSTAR정규선
2016-01Electric probe diagnostics for measuring SOL parameters, wall and divertor fluxes in KSTAR정규선
2016-01Recent advances in the photovoltaic applications of coordination polymers and metal organic frameworksDeep, Akash
2016-01Characteristics of Al2O3/ZrO2 laminated films deposited by ozone-based atomic layer deposition for organic device encapsulation전형탁
2016-01Iodide/Iodine용액에서 CPU chip 분쇄물의 금 침출특성박재구
2016-01Dry-Air 중의 동일 연면거리를 가진 고체절연물의 형상 변화에 따른 수직연면방전 특성 연구배성우
2016-01Growth of tantalum nitride film as a Cu diffusion barrier by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition from bis((2-(dimethylamino)ethyl)(methyl)amido)methyl(tert-butylimido) tantalum complex박진성
2016-01Mass-Count Disparity in Mobile Traffic원영준
2016-01진공 상온 분사 공정으로 제조된 Al2O3 필름의 광 투과도에 미치는 미세조직 특성의 영향이창희