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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11A study on the desulfurization efficiency of limestone sludge with various admixtures심광보
2015-11Role of spray processes on microstructural evolution, and physical and mechanical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotube reinforced cu composite coatings이창희
2015-11Dynamic fragmentation process and fragment microstructure evolution of alumina particles in a vacuum kinetic spraying system이창희
2015-11비평탄 굴착벽면의 숏크리트 라이닝에 대한 응력해석문현구
2015-11계면요소를 이용한 지반-라이닝 상호작용 모델에 의한 터널 콘크리트 라이닝 연구문현구
2015-11도시 공공공간 디자인 평가 지표 도출 및 개선 방안 연구이주형
2015-10Formation of High-Purity Indium Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Application to Sensitive Detection of AmmoniaAkash Deep
2015-10Removal of Iopromide and Its Intermediates from Ozone-Treated Water Using Granular Activated Carbon전병훈
2015-10Odor characterization from barns and slurry treatment facilities at a commercial swine facility in South Korea전병훈
2015-10Kinetics and biofiltration of dimethyl sulfide emitted from PP industry김기현
2015-10Development of municipal solid waste classification in Korea based on fossil carbon fraction김기현
2015-10Odor characterization from barns and slurry treatment facilities at a commercial swine facility in South Korea김기현
2015-10Who should take responsibility for decisions on internationally recommended datasets? The case of the mass concentration of mercury in air at saturation김기현
2015-10Deodorization of food-related nuisances from a refrigerator: The feasibility test of photocatalytic system김기현
2015-10Modeling of long range transport pathways for radionuclides to Korea during the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident and their association with meteorological circulations김기현
2015-10Pyrolysis of microalgal biomass in carbon dioxide environment김기현
2015-10Large-Eddy Simulation of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Free Surface Flow Past a Complex Stream Restoration Structure강석구
2015-10Significance of Si impurities on exceptional room-temperature superplasticity in a high-purity Zn-22%Al alloyMegumi Kawasaki
2015-10Microstructural homogeneity and superplastic behavior in an aluminum-copper eutectic alloy processed by high-pressure torsionMegumi Kawasaki
2015-10Developing Superplasticity in Ultrafine-Grained MetalsMegumi Kawasaki