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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11보행만족도에 영향을 미치는 근린환경 특성분석 서울서베이 2013년 자료를 중심으로이수기
2015-11Co-dispersion behavior and interactions of nano-ZrB2 and nano-SiC in a non-aqueous solvent최성철
2015-11Critical Assessment of CO2 Trapping Capacity under Gravity Segregation with Capillary Heterogeneity이근상
2015-11Estimation of damping ratio of rock mass for numerical simulation of blast induced vibration박두희
2015-11Collapse mechanism of cut-and-cover tunnels under seismic loading박두희
2015-11Direct Power Control for Three Phase Grid Connected Inverter via Port-Controlled Hamiltonian Method정정주
2015-11Nonlinear H2 Velocity Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors정정주
2015-11Nonlinear adaptive speed control for permanent magnet synchronous motors under unbalanced resistances정정주
2015-11전기굴삭기 효율향상을 위한 전기동력시스템 동작점 제어알고리즘 연구이형철
2015-11교통류 보존형 터널단면 확대 시공기술의 경제적 타당성 분석서종원
2015-11Evaluation of Metal Absorber Materials for Beyond Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography안진호
2015-11Downlink Pilot Reduction for Massive MIMO Systems via Compressed Sensing최준원
2015-11고속철도 사장교의 동적해석최동호
2015-11HSB600 강재를 적용한 조밀 강합성 I-거더의 변형-경화 영향을 고려한 정모멘트부 공칭휨강도최동호
2015-11Improvement of the adhesion between polyaniline and commercial carbon paper by acid treatment and its application in supercapacitor electrodes김영호
2015-11Study for an Optimal Cable Connection within an Inner Grid of an Offshore Wind Farm김진오
2015-11준평등전계중 Dry Air내 산소의 농도에 따른 절연파괴 및 연면방전 특성 연구배성우
2015-11Porous Mo-30 wt.% W alloys synthesized from camphene/MoO3-WO3 slurry by freeze drying and sintering process김영도
2015-11Microstructure control of Mo-Si-B alloy for formation of continuous alpha-Mo phase김영도
2015-11PCA를 이용한 신호기반 고장진단 알고리즘이형철