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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Derivatization techniques for determination of carbonyls in airJan Edward Szulejko
2015-01Effects of natural organic matter on separation of the hydroxylated fullerene nanoparticles by cross-flow ultrafiltration membranes from water김종오
2015-01Ambient particulate matter in a central urban area of Seoul, Korea김기현
2015-01A review on the human health impact of airborne particulate matter김기현
2015-01Long-term trend of airborne particulate matter in Seoul, Korea from 2004 to 2013김기현
2015-01Comparison of arsenic uptake ability of barnyard grass and rice species for arsenic phytoremediation김기현
2015-01Derivatization techniques for determination of carbonyls in air김기현
2015-01A quantitative evaluation of abdominal aorta aneurysm by CT images박종일
2015-01Incremental Iteration Method for Fast PageRank Computation최용석
2015-01Performance test of a sorbent tube sampler with respect to analyte loss in collecting biogenic volatile organic compounds김기현
2015-01Bandwidth-aware routing and admission control for efficient video streaming over MANETsSeokbum Ko
2015-01Bayesian Multi­object Tracking Using Motion Context from Multiple Objects임종우
2015-01A Method for Recommending the Latest News Articles via MinHash and LSH김상욱
2015-01Objective and subjective evaluation of MPEG internet video coding장의선
2015-01Trace metal fractionation in water and sediments of an urban river stretchRAHUL KUMAR; RAHUL KUMAR
2015-01Group Recommendations: Approaches and Evaluation김상욱
2015-01Shear current effects on monochromatic water waves crossing trenches조용식
2015-01Optimum design of multi-stage hydraulically fractured multi-horizontal shale gas well using flow regime analysis성원모
2015-01Dyanamic Load Balancing for Efficient Video Streaming Service원유집
2015-01적외선 스테레오 카메라를 이용한 고속 이동객체의 위치에 대한 확률모델박종일; 박종일