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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11Metal organic frameworks for sensing applications김기현
2015-11A review on the effect of amination pretreatment for the selective separation of CO2김기현
2015-11HTTP Traffic Classification Based on Hierarchical Signature Structure원영준
2015-11Improved Sensing Behaviors in Reduced Graphene Oxide Functionalized with Ni(OH)(2) Nanoparticles김현우
2015-11Remote plasma atomic layer deposited Al2O3 4H SiC MOS capacitor with remote H-2 plasma passivation and post metallization annealing최창환
2015-11The effects of (NH4)(2)S-x treatment on n-GaN MOS device with nano-laminated ALD HfAlOx and Ru gate stack최창환
2015-11Electrical characteristics of ALD La2O3 capping layers using different lanthanum precursors in MOS devices with ALD HfO2, HfSiOx, and HfSiON gate dielectrics최창환
2015-11Characterization of a solvent, surfactant and temperature-tolerant laccase from Pleurotus sp MAK-II and its dye decolorizing propertyKUTZNER, ARNE HOLGER
2015-11All-or-(N)One - an epistemological characterization of the human tumorigenic neuronal paralogous FAM72 gene lociKUTZNER, ARNE HOLGER
2015-11차량 롤 각 추정 알고리즘 및 롤 저감력 분배 제어 전략이형철
2015-11A Supervisory Control Algorithm for a Series Hybrid Vehicle With Multiple Energy Sources이형철
2015-11A Preliminary Study of the Effects of an Arts Education Program on Executive Function, Behavior, and Brain Structure in a Sample of Nonclinical School-Aged Children이종민
2015-11Comparative Analysis for Main Parameters of Modular Multilevel Converter in HVDC Applications김래영
2015-11Systematic Dynamic Modeling of an Integrated Single-stage Power Converter김래영
2015-11Design procedure for minmimizing conduction loss for ZCT PWM boost converter김래영
2015-11A novel switching loss minimization method for single-phase flying-capacitor multilevel inverter김래영
2015-11Design consideration of CC-CV controller of LLC resonant converter for Li-ion battery charger김래영
2015-11A rotor position estimation method in stationary reference frame of high frequency rotating voltage signal injection IPMSM sensorless control김래영
2015-11Design of Torque Actuator in Hybrid Multi-DOF System Considering Magnetic Saturation이주
2015-11L-C 공진형 자여자 와전류 브레이크의 파라미터 추출 방법 및 특성연구이주