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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Formation of High-Purity Indium Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Application to Sensitive Detection of AmmoniaAkash Deep
2015-12Probe diagnostics in the far scrape-off layer plasma of Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research tokamak using a sideband harmonic method정진욱
2015-12Development of a Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) system on the Plasma Material Interaction System (PLAMIS-II) device정규선
2015-12Relationship between oil recovery and CO2 storage efficiency under the influence of gravity segregation in a CO2 EOR system성원모
2015-12Application of a carbon nanotube (CNT) sheet as a current collector for all-solid-state lithium batteries신동욱
2015-12Effects of equal-channel angular pressing and accumulative roll-bonding on hydrogen storage properties of a commercial ZK60 magnesium alloyMegumi Kawasaki
2015-12내수면 선박의 안전운항을 위한 스마트폰기반 어플리케이션 개발조병완
2015-12공침법에 의해 제조된 Magnetic Iron Oxide (MIO)를 이용한 수중 인 흡착 특성김종오
2015-12Immunosensing of Atrazine with Antibody-Functionalized Cu-MOF Conducting Thin Films김기현
2015-12Graphene quantum dots FRET based sensor for early detection of heart attack in humanVANISH KUMAR
2015-12유전자알고리즘을 활용한 최적화된 라운드트립 발생 예측 시스템 개발서종원
2015-12Highly Thermal Conductive Alimina Plate/Epoxy Composite for Electronic Packaging심광보
2015-12무수축 기판 상에 UV 레이저 가공에 의한 Taper 현상심광보
2015-12Hydration study of the polymer modified jute fibre reinforced cement paste using analytical techniques조병완
2015-12농촌 주택정원 실태 분석 연구조세환
2015-12아파트단지 조경 공사비의 공종별 경년변화 특성 분석-공공기관 시행의 수도권 아파트단지를 중심으로-조세환
2015-12배전급 전력설비를 위한 친환경 가스의 절연성능검토배성우
2015-12Iterative Group Detection and Decoding for Large MIMO Systems최준원
2015-12Excellent gas detection of ZnO nanofibers by loading with reduced graphene oxide nanosheets김현우
2015-12The effects of South Korea's conditional loan system in promoting foreign oil and gas exploration projects김진수