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2015-10Sensor-less Direct Torque Control using Inductance Peak Detection for Switched Reluctance Motor김래영; Kim, Sangyub; Kim, Jae-Hoon; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-10스위칭 주파수 신호 주입 IPMSM 센서리스 제어를 위한 회전 행렬 기반의 새로운 위치 오차 추정 기법김래영; 김상일; 김래영; Kim, Sang-Il; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-113상 6팩 인버터 모듈을 이용한 하나의 가극성 커플드 인덕터를 갖는 영전압 스위칭 펄스-폭 변조 단상 풀-브릿지 인버터김래영; 소재환; 김래영; Soh, Jae-Hwan; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-11Comparative Analysis for Main Parameters of Modular Multilevel Converter in HVDC Applications김래영; Kim, Junesung; Jung, Hongju; Choi, Jongyun; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-11Systematic Dynamic Modeling of an Integrated Single-stage Power Converter김래영; Choi, Ki-Young; Lee, Kui-Jun; Kim, Yong-Wook; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-11A rotor position estimation method in stationary reference frame of high frequency rotating voltage signal injection IPMSM sensorless control김래영; Song, EuiYoung; Im, JunHyuk; Kim, SangIl; Kim, RaeYoung
2015-11Design consideration of CC-CV controller of LLC resonant converter for Li-ion battery charger김래영; Park, Ki-Hyeon; Choi, Yeong-Jun; Choi, See-Young; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-11A novel switching loss minimization method for single-phase flying-capacitor multilevel inverter김래영; Park, Dong-Hwan; Ku, Nam-Joon; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-11Design procedure for minmimizing conduction loss for ZCT PWM boost converter김래영; Hwang, Ji-Hoon; Soh, Jae-Hwan; Kim, Rae-Young
2016-02모듈형 멀티레벨 전압형 HVDC 시스템을 위한 시간 지연을 고려한 디지털 제어기의 설계김래영; 송지완; 구남준; 김래영; Song, Ji-Wan; Ku, Nam-Joon; Kim, Rae-Young