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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06Adaptive Damping Scheme of LCL Filter Resonance under Inductance Variation for a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter김래영; Cho, Young-Chan; Choi, Ki-Young; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-06A Novel On-line MRAS Scheme of Rotor Resistance Identification using Rotor Flux in Synchronous Reference Frame for Induction Motor김래영; Lee, Seung-Myung; Kang, Shin-Won; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-07펄스 폭 변조-영전류 천이 승압형 컨버터에서 보조 스위치의 도통 손실을 줄이기 위한 공진 파라미터 설계김래영; 황지훈; 소재환; 김래영; Hwang, Ji-Hoon; Soh, Jae-Hwan; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-03Internal-model-principle-based robust optimal nonlinear control for position tracking of permanent-magnet synchronous motor servo system김래영; Ham, Donghyun; Kim, Rae-Young; Hyun, Dongseok
2015-04빠른 전하 균일화를 위한 새로운 구조의 셀 밸런싱 회로김래영; 박동진; 최시영; 김용욱; 김래영; Park, Dong-Jin; Choi, See-Young; Kim, Yong-Wook; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-04PQ변동을 이용한 개선된 계통 임피던스 추정기법김래영; 조제희; 김용욱; 김래영; Cho, Je-Hee; Kim, Yong-Wook; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-08불평형 전원 조건에서 MMC 기반 HVDC 시스템 순환전류에 관한 연구김래영; 도원석; 김시환; 김태진; 김래영; Do, Won-Seok; Kim, Si-Hwan; Kim, Tae-Jin; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-09A novel adaptive magnetizing inductance control scheme for high-efficiency LLC resonant converter for PV applications김래영; Park, Ki-Hyeon; Choi, Yeong-Jun; Choi, See-Young; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-09A novel capacitor voltage balancing method for distributed switching frequency in a modular multilevel converter김래영; Kim, Si-Hwan; Jung, Hong-Ju; Kim, Rae-Young
2015-09Analysis and compensation of band-pass-filter delay for a high frequency signal injected sensorless control김래영; Kim, Snag-Il; Kim, Rae-Young