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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04Estimation of Critical Temperatures Based on New Viscosity Model for HPAM Polymer Flooding in High-Temperature Reservoir이근상; Choi, ByungIn; Jeong, Moon Sik; Choi, J.; Lee, Kun Sang
2015-06Interpretation of Permeability-Dependent Residual Resistance Factors Caused from Polymer Retention Using Selection of Mechanical Trapping Constant이근상; Choi, Byungin; Park, Kanghee; Choi, Jinsuk; Lee, Kun Sang
2015-06Integrated Reservoir Flow and Geomechanical Model to Generate Type Curves for Pressure Transient Responses in Shale Gas Reservoirs이근상; Kim, Tae Hong; Park, Kanghee; Choi, Jinsuk; Lee, Kun Sang
2015-06CO2 WAG Process with Gel Treatment Considering Flowing Gel Viscosity in Heavy Oil Reservoir이근상; Choi, Jinsuk; Jeong, Moon Sik; Park, Kanghee; Lee, Kun Sang
2015-06Influence of Heterogeneous Capillary Pressure on CO2 Sequestration in Different Wetting Conditions이근상; Park, Sung Soo; Park, Jooseon; Kim, Tae Hong; Lee, Kun Sang
2015-06Integrated Analysis of Permeability Reduction Caused by Polymer Retention for Better Understanding Polymer Transport이근상; Choi, ByungIn; Choi, Jinsuk; Lee, Kun Sang
2015-06Performance of Shale Gas Reservoirs with Nonuniform Multiple Hydraulic Fractures이근상; Lee, S. J.; Lee, K. S.
2015-06Enhanced Capillary Imbibition by Dispersion during Surfactant Flood for Dual-Porosity and Dual-Permeability Models이근상; Park, K.; Lee, J.; Lee, K.S.
2015-07Pressure-Transient Characteristics of Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells in Shale-Gas Reservoirs With Natural- and Rejuvenated-Fracture Networks이근상; Kim, Tae Hong; Lee, Kun Sang
2015-02The potential applications in oil recovery with silica nanoparticle and polyvinyl alcohol stabilized emulsion이근상; Son, H. A.; Yoon, K. Y.; Lee, G. J.; Cho, J. W.; Choi, S. K.; Kim, J. W.; Im, K. C.; Kim, H. T.; Lee, K. S.; Sung, W. M.