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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11Improved Cycling Performance of Lithium-Oxygen Cells by Use of a Lithium Electrode Protected with Conductive Polymer and Aluminum Fluoride김동원
2016-12The Chemical Deposition Method for the Decoration of Palladium Particles on Carbon Nanofibers with Rapid Conductivity Changes오성근
2016-10Improving the energy efficiency of industrial refrigeration systems김진국
2016-10Preparation of alpha-bisabolol and phenylethyl resorcinol/TiO2 hybrid composites for potential applications in cosmetics오성근
2016-10The effect of silver particle size and organic stabilizers on the conductivity of silver particulate films in thermal sintering processes구상만
2016-10Dual-responsive and Multi-functional Plasmonic Hydrogel Valves and Biomimetic Architectures Formed with Hydrogel and Gold Nanocolloids조은철
2016-10Charged Polymer-Coated Separators by Atmospheric Plasma Induced Grafting for Lithium-Ion Batteries김동원
2016-10Well-controlled silver nanowire/graphene hybrid from full solution process서동학
2016-10Piezopotential-Programmed Multilevel Nonvolatile Memory As Triggered by Mechanical Stilmuli김도환
2016-10Pyrosequencing analysis of microbial communities in hollow fiber-membrane biofilm reactors system for treating high-strength nitrogen wastewater상병인
2016-10Plasmonic-based colorimetric and spectroscopic discrimination of acetic and butyric acids produced by different types of Escherichia coli through the different assembly structures formation of gold nanoparticles상병인
2016-09폴리다이아세틸렌-폴리다이메틸실록산 기반의 클로로포름 검출센서김종만
2016-09Three-dimensional reconstruction of coarse-dense dual catalyst layer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells이성철
2016-09Graphite-silicon alloy composite anodes employing cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol) binders for high-energy density lithium-ion batteries김동원
2016-09Highly efficient recovery of xylobiose from xylooligosaccharides using a simulated moving bed method문성용
2016-09Synergy effect for performance of anionic SDS/ADS mixtures with amphoteric and nonionic surfactants오성근
2016-09Electrochemical Characterization of Electric Double Layer Capacitors Assembled with Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic Liquid Electrolytes김동원
2016-08Full Color Light Responsive Diarylethene Inks for Reusable Paper김종만
2016-08Use of fluorescence signals generated by elastic scattering under monochromatic incident light for determining the scattering efficiencies of various plasmonic nanoparticles조은철
2016-08Enhancement of the electrochemical performance of silicon anodes through alloying with inert metals and encapsulation by graphene nanosheets김동원