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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01Metal Nanowire-Polymer Matrix Hybrid Layer for Triboelectric Nanogenerator김도환
2019-01Intense-Pulsed-UV-Converted Perhydropolysilazane Gate Dielectrics for Organic Field-Effect Transistors and Logic Gates김도환
2019-03Tomographical analysis of electrochemical lithiation and delithiation of LiNi 0.6 Co 0.2 Mn 0.2 O 2 cathodes in all-solid-state batteries상병인
2019-03Simultaneous production of methane and acetate by thermophilic mixed culture from carbon dioxide in bioelectrochemical system상병인
2019-03Comparison between OCl−-Injection and In Situ Electrochlorination in the Formation of Chlorate and Perchlorate in Seawater상병인
2017-01Solvent-Free Processable and Photo-Patternable Hybrid Gate Dielectric for Flexible Top-Gate Organic Field-Effect Transistors김도환
2017-01Evolution of a high local strain in rolling up MoS2 sheets decorated with Ag and Au nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman scattering서동학
2017-01Catalytic behavior of metal catalysts in high-temperature RWGS reaction: In-situ FT-IR experiments and first-principles calculations상병인
2017-01Electrospun tungsten trioxide nanofibers decorated with palladium oxide nanoparticles exhibiting enhanced photocatalytic activity오성근
2017-01Effect of BMP-2 Delivery Mode on Osteogenic Differentiation of Stem Cells오성근
2017-01Coupling of 1,4-Butanediol Dehydrogenation with Nitrobenzene Hydrogenation for Simultaneous Synthesis of gamma-Butyrolactone and Aniline over Promoted Cu-MgO Catalysts: Effect of Promoters서영웅
2019-02Layer-by-layer assembly for ultrathin energy-harvesting films: Piezoelectric and triboelectric nanocomposite films염봉준
2019-02Metal-organic framework derived NiMo polyhedron as an efficient hydrogen evolution reaction electrocatalyst이성철
2019-02Ether-free polymeric anion exchange materials with extremely low vanadium ion permeability and outstanding cell performance for vanadium redox flow battery application오성근
2019-02Contamination Particles and Plasma Etching Behavior of Atmospheric Plasma Sprayed Y2O3 and YF3 Coatings under NF3 Plasma오성근
2019-01Design and Fabrication of Long‑Term Stable Dye‑Sensitized Solar Cells: Effect of Water Contents in Electrolytes on the Performance고민재
2016-12A side-chain crosslinking approach for the fabrication of conjugated polymer patterns김종만
2016-12Sweat Pore Mapping Using Hydrophilic Polymer Films김종만
2016-12Preparation of active Cu/ZnO-based catalysts for methanol synthesis서영웅
2016-12Photoinduced reversible phase transition of azobenzene-containing polydiacetylene crystals김종만