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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-05Magnetically Responsive Inorganic/Polydiacetylene Nanohybrids김종만
2014-11Degradation of multi-DNAPLs by a UV/persulphate/ethanol system with the additional injection of a base solution공성호
2011-03Spherical core-shell Li[(Li0.05Mn0.95)(0.8)(Ni0.25Mn0.75\)(0.2)](2)O-4 spinels as high performance cathodes for lithium batteries김동원
2013-09Thiol−ene Cross-Linked Polymer Gate Dielectrics for Low-Voltage Organic Thin-Film Transistors김도환
2013-01Size-dependent intercalation of alkylamines within polydiacetylene supramoleculesJustyn Wayne Jaworski
2012-03Polydiacetylenes: supramolecular smart materials with a structural hierarchy for sensing, imaging and display applications김종만
2013-01Size-dependent intercalation of alkylamines within polydiacetylene supramolecules김종만
2013-01Techno-Economic Study of a Biodiesel Production from Palm Fatty Acid Distillate김진국
2012-03Composite gel polymer electrolytes containing core-shell structured SiO2(Li+) particles for lithium-ion polymer batteries김동원
2012-06계통한계가격 예측모델에 근거한 통합 지역난방 시스템의 최적화여영구
2012-09Development of a non-triangular separation region for improving the performance of a three-zone simulated moving bed chromatography for binary separation with linear isotherms문성용
2012-06Fabrication of pseudo-ceramide-based lipid microparticles for recovery of skin barrier function조은철
2012-03Understanding phase behaviors of multicomponent polymer mixtures based on a molecular thermodynamic framework combined with molecular simulation배영찬
2012-10Heat exchanger network retrofit optimization involving heat transfer enhancement김진국
2012-10Design and optimisation of dual-mode heat pump systems using natural fluids김진국
2012-03Experimental validation of the solvent-gradient simulated moving bed process for optimal separation of phenylalanine and tryptophan문성용
2012-03Understanding physical properties of hydrocarbon polymers using an equation of state developed from semi soft core potential function배영찬
2012-105-hydroxymethylfurfural as a potential monomer for the preparation of carbon aerogel서영웅
2012-10Composite proton conducting membranes based on Nafion and sulfonated SiO2 nanoparticles김동원
2012-03Novel Cyanine Dyes with Vinylsulfone Group for Labeling Biomolecules이기정