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2018-07Highly loaded PbS/Mn-doped CdS quantum dots for dual application in solar-to-electrical and solar-to-chemical energy conversion고민재
2018-07Optimization of hexanoic acid production in recombinant Escherichia coli by precise flux rebalancing상병인
2018-11Optimization of production rate, productivity, and product concentration for a simulated moving bed process aimed atfucose separation using standing-wave-design and genetic algorithm문성용
2018-11Comparative Study of Estimation Methods of the Endpoint Temperature in Basic Oxygen Furnace Steelmaking Process with Selection of Input Parameters여영구
2018-11Low-Temperature Processable Charge Transporting Materials for the Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells고민재
2018-01InGaZnO transistor based on porous Ag nanowire-functionalized gate electrode for detection of bio-relevant molecules상병인
2018-01Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Network Composite Gel Electrolytes Employing Vinyl-Functionalized Silica for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries with Enhanced Cycling Stability김동원
2018-04Process integration and design for maximizing energy efficiency of a coal-fired power plant integrated with amine-based CO2 capture process김진국
2018-04High-energy green supercapacitor driven by ionic liquid electrolytes as an ultra-high stable next-generation energy storage device김동원
2018-01Evaluation of relationship between biogas production and microbial communities in anaerobic co-digestion상병인