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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-05MUCH: Multithreaded Content-Based File Chunking원유집
2015-05Robust stereo matching using adaptive random walk with restart algorithm임종우
2015-05A Graph-Based Recommendation Framework for Price Comparison Services김상욱
2015-05A Fire Evacuation Guidance System Based on Ubiquitous Sensor Networks조인휘
2015-05The Design and Implementation of Mesh-based DTN for Disaster Situations조인휘
2015-05Performance Comparison for CFDP NAK Modes in Deep Space Communications조인휘
2015-05A Discovery Support Scheme for Inter-domain DDS Gateways in Cyber-Physical Systems조인휘
2015-05MPEG IVC의 표준화를 위한 IVC 성능 평가 현황장의선
2015-05The uFLIP benchmark revisited for evaluating SSDs차재혁
2015-05NextSearch: A Search Engine for Mass Spectrometry Data against a Compact Nucleotide Exon Graph박희진
2015-04On Running Data-Intensive Algorithms with Intelligent SSD and Host CPU: A Collaborative Approach김상욱
2015-04An Effective Approach to Group Recommendation Based on Belief Propagation김상욱
2015-04Dual Region Write Buffering: Making Large-Scale Nonvolatile Buffer using Small Capacitor in SSD강수용
2015-04Characterization of disulfide bonds by planned digestion and tandem mass spectrometry백은옥
2015-04Estimating Korean Residence Registration Numbers from Public Information on SNS박용수
2015-04사용자 상호작용과 신뢰형성의 상호 영향에 관한 시계열 분석김상욱
2015-04시그니처 기반 이거 하드웨어 트랜잭셔널 메모리에서의 캐시 접근 이력을 이용한 거짓 충돌 감소이인환
2015-04자바 자동 식별자 리네이밍 기법 및 보호 방법박용수
2015-04Human motion control with physically plausible foot contact models권태수
2015-04Adaptive locomotion on slopes and stairs using pelvic rotation권태수