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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06Intelligent Transmission Power Allocation for Distributed Beamforming in Wireless Sensor Networks조인휘; Chung, Sungmoon; Joe, Inwhee
2015-06A community-based sampling method using DPL for online social networks김상욱; Yoon, Seok-Ho; Kim, Ki-Nam; Hong, Jiwon; Kim, Sang-Wook; Park, Sunju
2015-07WALDIO: Eliminating the Filesystem Journaling in Resolving the Journaling of Journal Anomaly원유집; Lee, Wongun; Lee, Keonwoo; Son, Hankeun; Kim, Wook-Hee; Nam, Beomseok; Won, Youjip
2015-07Parallelizing SHA-1원유집; Lee, Hu-ung; Lee, Seongjing; Kim, Jae-woon; Won, Youjip
2015-04An Effective Approach to Group Recommendation Based on Belief Propagation김상욱; Ali, Irfan; Kim, Sang-Wook
2015-04On Running Data-Intensive Algorithms with Intelligent SSD and Host CPU: A Collaborative Approach김상욱; Jo, Yong-Yeon; Cho, SungWoo; Kimm, Sang-Wook; Bae, Duck-Ho; Oh, Hyunok
2015-04Dual Region Write Buffering: Making Large-Scale Nonvolatile Buffer using Small Capacitor in SSD강수용; Kim, Dongwook; Kang, Sooyong
2015-06Deep Networks for Saliency Detection via Local Estimation and Global SearchYang, Ming-hsuan; Wang, Lijun; Lu, Huchuan; Ruan, Xiang; Yang, Ming-Hsuan
2015-06Long-Term Correlation TrackingYang, Ming-hsuan; Ma, Chao; Yang, Xiaokang; Zhang, Chongyang; Yang, Ming-Hsuan
2015-06Salient Object Detection via Bootstrap LearningYang, Ming-hsuan; Tong, Na; Lu, Huchuan; Ruan, Xiang; Yang, Ming-Hsuan