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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06Structural Sparse TrackingYang, Ming-hsuan; Zhang, Tianzhu; Liu, Si; Xu, Changsheng; Yan, Shuicheng; Ghanem, Bernard; Ahuja, Narendra; Yang, Ming-Hsuan
2015-06Long-Term Correlation TrackingYang, Ming-hsuan; Ma, Chao; Yang, Xiaokang; Zhang, Chongyang; Yang, Ming-Hsuan
2015-06JOTS: Joint Online Tracking and SegmentationYang, Ming-hsuan; Wen, Longyin; Du, Dawei; Lei, Zhen; Li, Stan Z.; Yang, Ming-Hsuan
2015-10Robust visual tracking through deep learning-based confidence evaluation임종우; Hong, Euntae; Bae, Juhan; Lim, Jongwoo
2011-073-D Visual Tracking for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications박종일; Seo, Byung-Kuk; Park, Jungsik; Park, Jong-Il