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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Bayesian Multi­object Tracking Using Motion Context from Multiple Objects임종우; Yoon, Ju Hong; Yang, Ming-Hsuan; Yoon, Kuk-Jin; Lim, Jongwoo
2015-02객체 검출 결과를 반영하는 영상 내 목표물 추적 기법임종우; 홍은태; 임종우
2015-07Optimized projection patterns for stereo systems임종우; Lim, Jongwoo; Ryu, Minsoo
2015-05Robust stereo matching using adaptive random walk with restart algorithm임종우; Lee, Sehyung; Lee, Jin Han; Lim, Jongwoo; Suh, Il Hong
2015-09Incremental Learning from a Single Seed Image for Object Detection임종우; Lee, Sehyung; Lim, Jongwoo; Suh, Il Hong
2015-09Object Tracking Benchmark임종우; Wu, Yi; Lim, Jongwoo; Yang, Ming-Hsuan
2015-10Robust visual tracking through deep learning-based confidence evaluation임종우; Hong, Euntae; Bae, Juhan; Lim, Jongwoo
2015-12평면 위 직선과 호모그래피를 이용한 스테레오 카메라 교정임종우; 김영성; 임종우; Kim, Youngseong; Lim, Jongwoo
2015-12중간값 필터를 이용한 움직이는 물체가 제거된 파노라마 이미지 생성임종우; 방가희; 임종우; Bang, Gahee; Lim, Jongwoo
2015-12Building a 3-D Line-Based Map Using Stereo SLAM임종우; Zhang, Guoxuan; Lee, Jin Han; Lim, Jongwoo; Suh, Il Hong