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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Selectivity Estimation Using Frequent Itemset Mining이춘화; Eom, Boyun; Jermaine, Christopher; Lee, Choonhwa
2015-05A Deduplication-Enabled P2P Protocol for VM Image Distribution이춘화; Lee, Choonhwa; Kim, Sungho; Kim, Eunsam
2015-07Enabling Elastic Services for OSGi-Based Cloud Platforms이춘화; Kim, Donghyeon; Lee, Choonhwa; Helal, Sumi
2015-10Power-Aware Hybrid Encoding Scheme for Mobile Cloud Services on Open Source Hardware Platforms이춘화; Eom, Boyun; Lee, Choonhwa; 엄보윤; 이춘화
2015-11Expediting P2P Video Delivery through a Hybrid Push-Pull Protocol이춘화; Lee, Choonhwa; Kim, Sungho; Kim, Eunsam
2016-01An Efficient Key Partitioning Scheme for Heterogeneous MapReduce Clusters이춘화; Hanif, Muhammad; Lee, Choonhwa
2011-05P2P VoD스트리밍에서 사용자 시청 패턴에 따른 인기구간을 고려한 Adaptive Anchor Point Overlay 기법이춘화; 황의영; 편도후; 이춘화; Hwang, Eui-Young; Pyeon, Do-Hoo; Lee, Choon-Hwa
2012-08Toward an Ecosystem for Developing and Programming Assistive Environments이춘화; Helal, Sumi; Chen, Chao; Kim, Eunju; Bose, Raja; Lee, Choonhwa